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Add Super Rare Legendary or Unique Spawns

Please add a percentage chance of Legendary and maybe even Unique spawns out in the wild.

The purpose is for players, if one is found and darted, to feel like we really got something super rare and great!

There are 31 legendary’s and 17 unique’s so the chance any new player would come across the same one enough to create one before it’s time would never happen. Finding one to have a start on a legendary or unique could bring some excitement and enthusiasm. It would also have players opening the game to keep an eye out for these super rare spawns.


I agree 1000% with this


Nah. The most powerful dinos in the game should be worked for with blood, sweat and tears. Not darting in the wild occasionally. Special events are fine, but not in the wild.


I don’t even think hybrids should spawn in the wild at all. They are something you create in your own lab and keep in your own zoo. When they are on the loose, that means you need to check your fences and your security! And it should be gone from your inventory!

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Anything above common, should only be available through purchase.

I remember a time when tenontorex almost spawned on the map… good. Thing that didn’t happen, huh ludia


Imagine the balance that would have disturbed!


That’s a HORRIBLE idea.

Not for Ludia management. I mean, in their eyes it’d be a great move. In reality, not so much. They’ve lost 20% of the players in the last 4 weeks and continue the slide.

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No, no. It’s an awful idea.

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Not occasionally

Just like 1 in every country would be visible every day so I say do it

Start to say why instead of

They were responding to my comment, in which I stated everything above common should only be available in purchase form.

Funny thing is, that’s basically what’s happened the last few months with spawns. Only recently after complaints did it return to some semblance of days gone by.

Ludia management: “Let them eat cake! If they want the good stuff, they can purchase it! Bwahahahaah!”
Developers: “Boss man is off his rocker again… okay, let’s do what he demanded”

No it should not that makes no sense

Plus anyway he said it multiple times


Yet it makes fantastic sense to Ludia management… that’s essentially what they did for the last month.

Are you really sure about that? Because at the rate I’m going, it will most likely take a year+ to get a SINGLE UNIQUE. And that’s just one. What about getting SEVEN MORE?! Honestly, if Ludia makes legendary and uniques more open to the people (not counting guys with annoying boosted dinos), I’m all for it.

I worked for months to get Indoraptor, and over a year for the rest of my squad of uniques. They’re the strongest dinos in the game, it makes sense for them to take time and resources to get.They shouldn’t be handed out on silver platters.

D.C appears in the wild. You launch your drone. D.C uses Swap in Rampage.

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