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Add Tenontorex?

So, I have him at team level and can boost to tier 5 across the board. I currently like my team, so I’m hesitant.

2 candidates for removal

Yoshi: but I’m a big fan of his speed and its saved me at the end of battles many times
Paramoloch: I like the confusion he brings to battle. Adds some variety and can be like an extra dino with regenerate and run

Convince me to change our keep it the way it is or do something else

Thanks !

You are going to want to get it up a couple more levels and tier 6. I’ve got my team at tier 6 across the board except Magna at 7. Somehow everything is faster. Good luck!

i dont think you need it. do you feel like you are lacking something?

To me, Tenontorex is really awkward in this current meta. It wasn’t helping me at all so I took it off of my team and replaced it with Pterovexus. Believe it or not, I’m doing much better now lol I think it needs a buff since the crits were nerfed.