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Add the 20% discount as a perk for VIP

The new update now gives random matches a 20% discount on premium purchases. It would be great if they add this as a vip perk for all premium purchases. Currently vip feels underwhelming. You only get either 1 or 2 new matches every month and all we get is just early access for them. Also from my experience, the vip system never places the new matches in your like page instantly when they are released. I still have to swipe through a bunch of matches to find them.

You get 1,000 gems when you sign up. At 9.99 per month I want 1,000 gems every month!


Yeah, there’s literally nothing new other than double daily gems. Every other vip subs from other games gives some gem everytime you resubscribe. Also the like page is awful. The boost doesn’t even fill up the three empty slots or even increase the frequency of matches appearing in the like page.

Also,I still have a bunch of other matches that I haven’t match yet. I’d expect them to fill up the spaces instead but it’s all empty and it’s been like 5 hours after I bought the boost.

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Hm. Definitely seems like a work in progress that should still be in beta (check me sounding all techy!).

As much as I enjoy this game, it is a terrible cash grab, to the point of being exploitative.