Add the King Snake and Coral Snake

There are only 7 snakes so I can’t have a full team of snakes. Here are a couple suggestions of a snake or two to add. The interesting fun part is they will be similar but different.

There are no snakes that are armor piercing of shield shattering so these two could be given that.

The King Snake is the non-poisonous of the two. It can be a common snake. “Red against black is a friend of jack” It can be fast with one shield breaking and impact move with a dodge.

The Coral Snake is the poisonous one. “Red against yellow can kill a fellow.” This is a rare snake with 0.33 DoT with a counter that removes all positive effects. This snake has an armor piercing move so this will be a counter to flocks in the lower arenas.

Hybrids can be built off these later for more flock counters.



If you want them added they should be extinct, first of all.

Then again Gigantophis, Sanajeh or Palaeopython could work instead


Gigantophis would be the best one to add.


Nah get all those three for more fun

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I agree

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Get Gigantophis, Yurlungger, Wonambi ( top 3 largest exctinct snakes behind titanoboa)


Wouldn’t mind them as skins for the unique snakes currently in the game.
Spinocon - Coral snake skin
Troodoboa - King snake skin


Only Extinct animals are allowed,if u want another snake then Gigantophis

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Anything from this list, excluding T-boa…


Titanoboa is already in game

Not to be that person but Coral Snakes are venomous not poisonous

Not that relevant but the ‘red with black, red with yellow’ thingy only applies to North America.