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Add the right creatures!

For a long time I’ve thought: Wow, it would be so cool if they added “literally anything” into Jurassic World Alive. I’ve had a dream that would give most playstyles an even amount of options, and with that I mean: Why is there no epic crocodyliform with the Kapro animation? I want every “animation” to have at least one common, rare and epic.
The Kapro animation is a great example, all three of the current ones have been here since the start.
(that’s Kaprosuchus, Nundasuchus and Postosuchus)
But hey, even though they are three, they aren’t of the three rarities that can spawn in the wild, instead they are one common and two rares.
But I hear you saying “haven’t you heard of Gorgosuchus and Postimetrodon?” Of course I have! But they are hybrids, and not real species!
“Well, what do you want then?” I hear too. Well, how about… Prestosuchus! You already have a model for it Ludia, just get it a model upgrade/overhaul and then some moves and boom! Voila! Bon apetit! Call it what you want. You’ve got it.

And this implies to all gen 2s as well. They are just another subspecies of another that’s in the game. Like, where’s rare Therizinosaurus? Where’s epic Ichtyovenator?
I think you get the idea.

What did Ludia do? They added two epic chompers, three rare and three epic raptors. Like, why??
At first, we had common Velociraptor, rare Utahraptor and epic Pyroraptor. Perfect balance.
Without adding, for example only, epic Prestosuchus, we got rare Charlie, Echo and Delta, along with epic Blue, Troodon and Dakotaraptor.
When was the last time we got a new amfibian?
When was the last time we got a new pterosaur?
When was the last time we got a new abelisaur?
A very long time ago, believe me.
The raptor squad are just repaints so I see why they were easy to pull off.
Ludia, if you’re too lazy or don’t have enough time to model new creatures, then just hire a freelance modeler. Or buy already existing models.

I suppose that this argument won’t be complete without the creatures I want added, right? There are many fan concepts of moves and stats, but I’ll leave that to the audience. And Ludia.

Epic Gastornis (Kelenken animation)
Epic Prestosuchus (Kaprosuchus animation)
Common Gigantophis (Titanoboa animation)
Rare Deinotherium (Mammuthus animation)
Common Platybelodon (Mammuthus animation)
Common Tropeognathus (Pteranodon animation)
Epic Daeodon (Entelodon Animation)
Rare or Common Argentavis (Harpagornis animation)
Epic Gigantopithecus (Owen Grady animation)
Common Dodo (April Fools Dodo animation or as food in the sanctuaries)
Common Citipati (Oviraptor Animation)
Rare Therizinosaurus or Gigantoraptor (Erlikosaurus animation)

Ludia, if you’ve read this far, know that the readers below are free to add more to this list. We would all greatly appreciate if you listened to this calling from the community, and made change. Thank you.

(I might make a youtube video about this and other things that I’ve seen the community ask for)


can I request elaboration on this?


We got the raptor squad, so why not their alpha

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they should add more dinos

ive got some ideas to add to that.
epic lycaenops (arctops animations)
common sauroposeidon (brachi anims)
common stupendemys (turtle)
epic panochthus (glyptodont)
epic megatherium and rare megatherium gen 2 (sloths)
common synthetoceras (deer)
common thylacosmilus (cat)
common estemmenosuchus (scuto)
rare gravitholus (large pachy)
common pachycephalosaurus gen 2


There already is an epic bary rig, but another common would be nice. There are a couple species that could be good additions. Like mastodon, stegodon, deinotherium, and so on. You could do another nimble ungulate like synthoceras. Therezino is good. But I do agree that there are so many big epic theropods and raptors. Quinaka would be another land croc idea. I would say use titanis over gastornis as the latter is herbivorous and in the sanctuary it would eat meat. The brachi rig is another and maybe you could get sauroposidon Spinosaur rig could also get oxalaia

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Gen 2s aren’t allowed. Megalocnus would be a valid idea being the last members of the ground sloth lineage in Cuba

(At this point it’s more of a marsupial rig ain’t it)

true lol

i dont know my ground sloths, do i

I was referring to the spino rig

I was referring to the spino rig with Ichtyovenator
If suchomimus is big enough for that rig then so is Ichtyovenator

I’d say use oxalaia, as it’s bigger and venator looks more like a Barry rig

So does suchomimus but it’s a spino.
But I guess Oxa would be good too