Add trading of DNA between friends


Let players trade DNA with friends. This would make it easier to collect necessary DNA.:+1:

Trading dinosaur DNA
Had a thought about DNA
ÂżGood Idea? DNA Exchange Section

Then you could create a second account (or 5) and build up the dna really fast. Not a good idea.


Same I don’t want a functionality that make multi account stronger.
The grind doesn’t need to be easier it’s part of the game


Ummm… there’s actually a way friends can trade DNA… doesn’t involve the game though. :wink:




Dinosaur trade would be nice tho. It took me ages to get a baryonix (and I found out it’s not such a great dinosaur as a matter of fact), while I could’ve exchanged it with a virtual friend who could’ve gotten it

As I know some Dinos appear easier in some regions than others


If ludia starts rotating the zones more frequently, it would go a long way to helping people collect the dna they need.


Rather than trading DNA, I’d borrow from POGO and get eggs from friends and hatch them, and that would be DNA for that dino essentially. More creative minds can think of new features to do with dinosaur eggs.


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What do you think about an Exchange Section where you can Trade your DNA for the DNA that another player has?

If you have a lot of DNA in a Dinasaur that you don’t need, can go there and exchange it for usefull DNA.

Is it a good idea?


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So I was thinking that maybe a way to sell or maybe trade DNA with other players might be a cool idea. Any thoughts?


If they did a trade DNA it should only be with the Ludia store and be at a brutal exchange rate (like 10:1 or worse). Peoples teams would double in power over night if this happened though.


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How about a trading system… you could trade with your friends : DNA, hole dinos or sents and if you do not have enought DNA your dinos level will decrease… for example i have exactly level 9 Kaprisuchus and i want to give him 300 DNA for his 100 Stigimolach DNA… and you could see how mutch you are trading and how mutch you are getting… Thanks and Bye


Third post like this in two days. Simple answer: No. People would make multiple accounts and horde DNA on their main and level up fast.


People cant wrap their minds around the idea that some DNA is supposed to be harder to get


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Please make this a new update please Lidia,I would like this.


And make players spend less on incubators? Not a chance especially with Ludia.


Yes It would