Add V-Rex (Vastatosaurus Rex) from King Kong

Ludia, I know this is quite bobo and weird but I need to ask this

So… Can your guys add V-Rex (since it’s from different franchise and company, maybe…Buy the License from the Movie Producer/Creator?).

On both game, JWTH and JWA etc

I would love to see the V-Rex in some game (Since it only appear on the Movie)

It can be a Apex/Unique
Since it’s basically a Better T-Rex / Evolved

Maybe we can Combine Rexy’s DNA with Indominus’ DNA

Yeah I know many people may disagree with my Idea but, I really want to see V-Rex’s Action ingame :slight_smile:
(and Yes it’s true :moyai:)

Dark Gen

It isn’t even the same franchise.


Please no only jurassic world stuff are allowed here

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Probably no due to licensing . Also ludia never has added guest characters from other movies before (except dragon from shrek in rise of berk)


First of all, it may cost a huge amount of money to use it and if they do let them, the company can things they need to like for legendary using Godzilla, they can”t kill him in any movies, and if they do they. must put another Godzilla. Second different companies.

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And you got the movie wrong it appears in King kong(2005) not The MV.

Yes. That’s why I wrote bout the livensing thing (right) but nevermin-

Oh really? I forgot it lmao, I havent watch the movie for the past 5 years and I really forgot it, sorry

I mean, technically kung fu panda came to the game… V Rex is also part of Universal, so…:joy:


Well yeah they could add real creatures to reference certain movies but not like actual animals /dinosaurs from other movies