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Add Video Output / Play by Play Text Output to For Battles


More and more I wish there was a video record or text output play by play for battles to show both glitches and cheaters who may be using programs to send false info to the server. This would show if our choices are getting to the server or if someone is executing a move before a cool down expires such as the I-Rex cloaking again before the 3 round cool down which has happened.

The text output that would be sent from the server at the end of battle would have each players team of 4 with level and all stats. It would contain the real time of battle for each player and then time stamps of each players choices and resulting affects such as buffs, de-buffs, damage done, hit points and dinosaurs speed for each turn.

It would also show if no choice was made, which move and choice the server made for a player. This way is you picked a move and for what ever reason, the move you chose was not made, the text file would show no move was chosen and it could be that the move did not make it to the server.

It would show if a player was making moves they should not and then it could be reported allow Ludia to deal with cheaters using programs to either alter opponents moves or tell the server to make moves before a cool down period is up.

After each battle you would be able to output the text file that could also be loaded to replay the battle in video form. The text files would only be a couple Kb at the most.


I also think there should be a text log showing all actions you take and that the game takes (fusing DNA, how much experience each action is granting you, battling, earning an incubator, activating incubator, opening incubators, etc.) There should be a separate combat log. .