Adding a damage and debuff number system


I was wondering if a damaged boost or a debuff number system can be in the game. For example, say you increase the attack of your dinosaur and it shows the increase damage number of your dinosaurs. Also adding it for dinosaurs that have speed boost. It would be nice to show a number of how much possible damage and speed that was increase. Same for the debuffs show the number that decrease your attack and speed. As an example if the base attack is 647 add a + with the number to show the difference it makes, same with speed add a + from the base speed.


If it was in a similar fashion to the damage or regen indicators I’m all for it. If it stays on screen for the duration of the effect you might risk cluttering up the screen too much.


Thats a pretty good idea too just briefly showing how much attack or speed that is increase. Along with how much was decrease.