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Adding a new dragon species

Well,since new dragon species are going to be added to the game,why not add the triple strike with them,there are many fans who like this dragon.since heather’s dragon windshear will be added as an event dragon,at least we can get dagur’s dragon who is sleuther as an event dragon too.this is just an idea so there will be more species in the game which will make it more fun than it is now.


I concur, Triple strike is one of my favourite dragon species in the game.


We’re slowly introducing new species to the game!

I just don’t know the order :sweat_smile:


So there are more species other than the razorwhip the changewing and the scauldron?

Night Terrors, Flightmare, Hobblegrunt, Speed Stingers, Smoldering Smokebreaths, Fireworms… Etc.


Not only that, some of the introduced species will include the hybrids that have never been seen before~

We just won’t know which dragons can cross breed until they are released~

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