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Adding ability to “Create” X amount of dna

I find that the creation process for hybrids is absurdly time consuming and adding a simple function when you click create during the hybrid process it prompts you for how many times you would like it to create. You would have a max button to do as many as can possibly be created or a box where you type in an amount and it shows you how much dna that will use vs how much dna for that Dino you currently have. And of course for each it would generate its normal random amount of dna. But seriously I find myself not wanting to sit down forever just to create a bunch of dna for a hybrid and when I do I want to gripe about how much of a slow go it is, like this. Just a concept for improving the overall hybridizing system and too keep people from the mundane. Mundane = boredom with the game. No Bueno. I like this game quite a bit and would like to make the not so fun parts more fun. Thanks!