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Adding Friends with a "broken" Social Tab


Several of us are not able send/receive friend requests.
The cap seems to be at 100 friends.

I removed an inactive player from my list in order to add someone else. After that happened, I was at a stand still.
I couldn’t send a request and when I “received” one, there were no details.

There is no way to accept/reject that.

I couldn’t ask them and they couldn’t get any response from me.

GOOD NEWS! There is another way, in most cases.
If you cannot see this, but your person can:

We are in luck! Instead of adding someone by using their screen name and player number, choose “Share Invite Link.”

Get that link onto your clipboard or whichever vehicle you want to use to deliver the goods!

We sent our link via text messaging. I “clicked” on it and was directed to JWA and the Social Tab.

I didn’t do anything after that. I did notice this:

But, my soon-to-be JWA friend saw this:

I hope this helps!

FAQ: DNA/Spawn/Despawn/Coin/Cash Timer Limits + Strategy/Advice

Nice workaround LadyHadden. You’re quite popular to have reached such numbers for friends on JWA. I’ll be sure to forward anyone this way if they need such assistance! Let’s hope the update around the corner brings plenty of goodies and updates to make it even better!

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I have the same hope!
We can be friends, @DinoL3o! I did ask every single opponent for friendship when I began the game. Some accepted.

My sadness is when an opponent requests my friendship in the game and I cannot see their names, etc. And there is no hot button to accept.

(Inactive players are the ones still at lvl5 from when I was at lvl5. Problem is that their names show up as “guest” in my list.)

And when I request a friendly battle, I don’t even know who it was at the end. Still just “guest.”


Well thanks for accepting my request yesterday :slight_smile: I hope one day we’ll do an epic friendly battle lol :wink:

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Every friendly will be epic!! You have to send me the challenge though, because I cannot see your screen name :sob::broken_heart:


I’ve just sent you request 2-3 times for friendly battle but it’s only showing " awaiting response from Lady" :frowning:

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I’m getting back on now then!

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Great game :slight_smile:

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Yes!! Great game! You are still “guest.” Make sure you let me know when we’ve battled. And we can go again if you have time.

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Lol I hope my name soon change from guest :stuck_out_tongue: sure I’ve free time now and we can battle again :slight_smile:

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Getting on now. I was making coffee.


Where’s my cup of coffee? Lol you were disconnected during last battle


Do you hate me yet?? I’m so sorry!!


I’ll fix you one now. A big sweet one to make up for that battle.

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Hahaha no I don’t hate you :smile:

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Sounds great I’d prefer strong coffee :wink: Lol

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Ummm, no sugar then? Or do you want me to run it through a second set of grounds? :laughing:

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Well add two teaspoon of sugar :))

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:coffee: smells so good and also taste great :yum: lets do one more battle

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Why thank you! Yes, let’s!!

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