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Adding some minor things that help a lot


Hei guys. I really like this game and I play it everyday but are some stuff that I think that this game really need for a better experience
A search bar** for dinosaurs. It would be more simple that scrolling to search a dinosaur.
Also I would like a button that will convert more DNA at a time for hybrids it would be more simple than just clicking for DNA for many times it takes a lot of times to click so many times just for 10 DNA. Also I would add some things… more ways to make gold. We don’t have gold guys. You added those everyday tasks for DNA but you receive so little gold for them let’a be serious 50 gold? It does not help. We need more ways to earn gold or earn more gold from battles.


Yes please. These would seriously improve this game, and they’re small changes that should be feasible!