Adding some movie stars on the game

Some suggestions, maybe add Rexy?, Ceratosaurus?, Mamenchisaurus?, Corythosaurus? (if corythosaurus was added, please be epic and have 2 attack damage and 1 heal).

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I don’t really see the point of rexy but yeah the others should be in the game by now, especially ceratosaurus


Rexy is the icon of the Jurassic franchise which is why so many of us would like her to be included.


I want her to be as the same as 2015 model, and maybe her own different animations? and of course include the scars that was produced by Indominus and The Big One


we got blue charlie delta and echo why can we not have rexy


true, why not an rexy if raptors do?

We got the raptors, but no Rexy, she is like the Godzilla of his franchise.

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This would be loads of fun - I second Rexy, I’d also like Toro from CC, the three Baryonyx siblings from CC, and I’d love to see the raptors from JP3 added as well. Maybe they would be Velociraptor G2s? I’m sure there will be a giganotosaurus from Dominion once it arrives, which will be terrific!

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I’d say Velociraptor Gen 2 is JPTLW/JP3/The Big One

I’d prefer her model be like the original Rexy from JP - she looked emaciated and malnourished in the JW films (not to mention her muscles looked atrophied), which would make sense bc she was literally kept in a box for several years, only fed goats and cattle - not the ideal diet and exercise plan for a carnivore of her size. I personally would be sad to see a model of her like that in the game. Also, from the rumors I have heard, it sound like Trevarro is going back to the original Rex model look from JP as there were many complaints about her skin-and-bones appearance in the JW film franchise. I would like the scars, though - that would be amazing!

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sure, then have the JP3 be G3’s? I would like both - I just didn’t remember there being a whole lot of difference in appearnace between JP and JPTLW raptors lol - but that’s probably bc I didn’t look closely enough xD

JP Raptors is original brown skin, while JPTLW is Orange, white and black stripped, JP3 is the black and red models, and maybe some hairs on the head like the Alpha Male raptor did? or the females i should say white and black spotted models