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Adding Tany to the team thoughts


I was at 4950 a couple days ago and have managed to drop to 4770. Last night, 3 matches with 3 indoors that all dodged 100% of the hits. After looking this morning I realized i’m missing something very important. I don’t have any nullifyers besides suchotator who is at a 25 and has been getting creamed lately. What about tany? I could get that little guy up to a 25. I somewhat regret getting tenontorex to a 22 when tyranno might have helped. Any thoughts are appreciated as always.


Where are you with Monostego?


At a 21 sadly


This is what i’m working with


so you are facing high level indos then. a lvl 25 tany may not do it. indo was slightly buffed to win that encounter.

you need dinos that get extra hits on him. like ss or slowing moves, thagomizer. i use monostego aswell but its gotta be planned well or else indo still wins.

i would wait for 1.6 to drop honestly. changes will be made and dinos will be added.

also i would consider benching tator for tenon.


Monolemetrodon can nullify. Not amazing but fun little unicorn.


I’ve been trying really hard to limit the money I put into this, but last night gave in to the mountain thinking I’m going to do 2-3 epic scents in each zone today. It’s below zero out there so will be just sitting in the car with my chi wow girl dog.


Agree Monostego won’t cut it at L21; my team isn’t that dissimilar (probably slightly weaker than yours) and mine had to get to L23 to get back in. Tricky - I would try Monolometrodon - more versatile than Tany … but who for … Megalosuchus would be my choice as I don’t like it (I’m assuming you do as it is L28) or possibly Tryostronix. Or you just have to work round not having another nullifier until you can work on Monostego.


Monolemetrodon was doing super well for a long time. Then the little guy was getting one shotted pretty often.


my team. currently working on tryko and tenon.

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I just got tenonto to a 22 last night and haven’t really tried him out yet. It seems I have a lot of medium speed chompers and only one real tank. I think that is why I fell for megalo was the counter and health.


I was over 5000 before the tourney started so just trying to stay positive at this point lol


tenon is a beast.


You have two Spinotasuchus … (not hiding a high level Draco G2 are you? :wink:)


:zipper_mouth_face: nothing to see here.


I was just over 4950 and ended up in Lockwood within 24 hours :sob: on the way back up; should get Indoraptor up another level tomorrow - need to dart 43 …


with that team i hover just over 5k. my kryptonite is indo though. nothing i can do if it cloaks everything.


I did level dg2 to an 18 for strike events, but can’t get myself to use him in battle.


Tany now need to be 1 level higher than your opponent indo and tryostronix to win these matchups.

Against magna it can be under leveled to win.

Against spinotasuchus it can still win at even levels.

Consider your opponent teams when you level dinos. If your opponent consistently have dinos at higher levels, it’s not quite worth the investment.


MIne’s 21 - could be 22 and I have no problem using it in battle; I just find it is a liability especially if you have a lot of hit and run creatures - be different if you could control the order. Here’s my current team …

My immediate bench is awash with possibilities.

Monostego, Dilorach, Stegodeus, Suchotator and Indoraptor are my must have’s - I just can’t decide on the other 3.