Adding teams / clans


I’m aware that many of these feature are actually coming but there are some that aren’t in so this post is still valid

I’ve been loving this game ever since launch and want this game to grow and thrive as much as possible! One thing I have been noticing that was missing was more of a social aspect towards the game. One step towards that could be the addition of teams or clans! Let me know what you guys think!

  • clans of 20-50
  • gets its own category in the bottom of the game
    • you can have a messages between your clan mates
    • friendly battles to battle your clan mates to test out that new legendary you have been dying to get (you could also cap Dino levels or raise them in friendly battles so it’s a fair fight)
  • you can donate to your clan mates with a cool down for donating and asking for donation
  • donations can increase in both aspects by leveling up so the higher you are the more you can donate or ask
  • clan score with all the members trophies added up with leader boards so you can prove your the best clan to your friends!
    Finally, I know this obviously sounds familiar to many of you guys that play mobile games but, this is a very good idea for a game like this that could benefit from more social aspects! Keep hunting!