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Adding the 5 stars hybrids to the drafts

There are some pretty amazing hybrids such as the mythic murmurquil,the chestnut knight and others,i think it will be a good idea to put them in the drafts,so they wont be obtainable only through breeeding because you will need the 4 stars hybrids first in order to try breeding 5 stars which will take a very long time,it will be great to see them in the drafts,i hope this will be taken into consideration,thanks

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If they do that then the chance of getting the dragons to crossbreed for it will drop. The chances of getting it are going to drop, too, as will the ones of getting another dragon. And this must already have happened when the Hotburples were added. And we need for more original species like Changewings to be added. I don’t know if making hybrids drafts along with the originals is any tactical, I don’t think it is. Of course, I could also be wrong.

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The strongest dragons in the game aren’t available in the draft for that very reason. Only the most dedicated wallet warriors will have the runes needed to speed up breeding and supply all the fish for a chance at breeding a high tier hybrid, and nothing guarantees their efforts or money will pay off.

If someone is rich and wants the highest BP/best stat dragons, they just need to play the game, level up the breedery, and roll those odds like the rest of us :slight_smile:

— Although the fastest way to breed for better hybrids is breeding two of them together, if you have a pair of Epics pure breed parents, you still have a chance for a Legendary of that hybrid… but equal chances of getting either Legendary pure breed too.


No. Would you not rather breed then buy? Stop pay to playing, put in the time and EARN your way to the top

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