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Adding Toro In Jurassic World Alive

They added Bumpy And Why Not Add Toro In the Game? Ludia Please Read This, And Please Give Us Toro!

Here’s His Stats


Rarity: Epic
Class: Wildcard
Health: 5469
Attack: 1615
Speed: 125
Armor: 0%
Crit: 30%


Superior Vulnerability
Group Taunting Sheilds
Fierce Rampage

Greater Rending Counter-Attack

Swap In
Swap In Ferocity


Stun: 67%
Reduce Speed: 100%
Rend: 75%
Swap Prevention: 50%
Vulnerable: 50%


Toro is basically a Carnotaurus that Kenji(I’ve forgot how to spell it,so it may not be correct) taunted.
I’ve finally got netflix and realised that.
Toro = Carno,maybe the exploded design will be Toro’s design but even still,it’s just a normal carno.


I like this proposal for Toro to join the game but my only changes I would make to Toro is I would lower Toro’s health down to 4000-4300 or if you think that’s too low then I’d only bring it up to 4500 at the most and maybe lower Toro’s attack down to 1400-1500 and definitely lower Toro’s speed down to 108-109. That should be about it other than those changes I think your proposal sounds pretty good.


Too fast and is that the attack for level 11? Because that a little strong.

unless they add his burned-out designer, there won’t be much difference with the game’s carnotaurus

It seems like it is show at lv 30. At lv 26 it should 4500 health and 1330 damage


Oh well that makes a lot more sense if the stats shown for Toro are it’s level 30 stats. I just wanted to say that in case those were Toro’s stats at level 26.

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It would realistically probably need to be slower with everything else it’s got going on but I like it.

This ones basically Lvl 30. Just Letting You Know.

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Ok cool thanks :grin:.

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And we also NEED Rexy too!

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That Too! Although We Have… Never mind

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Burnt Skin, A Wicked Scar On the Side of his Face, And Extremely Tough!

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Only On Level 30

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Here is my idea for Toro
download (8)

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I like it:)

Pretty sure i’ve seen this moveset in the game.

That’s A Little Weaker than The Carnotaurus and The Movesets Aren’t Good Enough… Here’s The Comparison Between Two Of These Creatures


You are comparing the stats of a lv 30 carnotaurus vs the stats of lv 26 toro

No there Both Lvl 30 Maybe Be More Specific Here’s What I Proposed To toro