Addition to friendly challenges

Definitely feel there should be a second option for friendly challenges, the second one being that you use your current lvl and boost alongside the current one where you get set lvls and no boost… Many people have to agree with this right?


There’s a PvP for that.

A PvP where you can lose trophies, get kicked out of matches, or get matched with someone waaaay outside your “range”. I love the idea of friendlies with our current set up. Will allow me to practice against higher level or different dinos to be prepared when I do go in the arena.

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Boosted and different levels will drain the fun out of Friendly Challenges. So it’s a no from me.

That’s why the OP said an additional option. Where you can do the all level 26 without boosts OR the team as is. I would enjoy the option at least.


I will agree with you and OP if it’s a battle against an AI not other players.
Friendly means playing unboosted and on even level, that’s the beauty of it.

Exactly you can go up against a crazy high team if your a low level for some practice and learn things rather than losing trophies over it and it not being friendly.

Me and my friend want to battle each other with our dinos as they are, and so we can try stuff out… this still being friendly, and when you don’t want to do that, go to option 1 where ur back at set lvl 26 and no boost. That is your opinion though, you do not agree and that’s fine, I thank you though.

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This would be cool, I agree. But… you’ll always get the same dinos… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I would yes! but… it’s been said on these forums, reddit, Facebook, Alliance chat, and believe youtube that they want to fight my team but have no way to. Hence this post, I see more than just that tho… have seen many people say they want to fight their friend with their friends current dinos not set to 26. There is a method of learning behind it too! So there would be an added option.
First challenge than Set level or Current level.

For players who would like to friendly with their actual levels it’s a nice idea to have that option. There is no reward for friendly play so why not.

Could also help settle some great debates on who is better :joy:. But I also like the idea of trying it new dinos with my current team to see how they fit in.

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