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Additional animal filter

I would really like to have at least two more possibilities to filter animals.
One filter for animals that could be fed, meaning all animals with a level not equal to 10, 20, 30 or 40 (level mod 10 <> 0, not the JWA mod here).
Another, more important filter, one for animals that are ready to evolve.
We have those little icons in the park, but there is no way to see all of them with one look.

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Not sure what you mean, a filter where? I assume you don’t mean the Market. Maybe in the information building? I haven’t really figured out how to use that much, but I do wonder why the little red exclamation points keep showing up on some of them. The change I would like is to be able to view the stats on them from that list, rather than having to jump over the Market, particularly the DNA cost to buy which you can’t see if you have one waiting to hatch.

FYI, the correct word is “fed” not “feeded”.

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Since those filters are the same in the market, the information building and the battle menu it would make no difference. But they would be most valuable in the information building.
I think the exclamation marks show you which animals were modified recently. Unfortunately they stay until you select them.
PS: You should have the possibility to edit my posts, but then there would be a lot of correcting for you to do.


Ah I got you. Yeah more filter options would be nice.

FYI - you only have the option to edit your own posts, not other people’s. Just trying to help you with your English. :slight_smile: