Additional bonuses for event strikes

We all like event strikes but sometimes they are way too boring. Especially for high-levels. Even bosses now and again are too easy, the last one I’ve completed without loosing any dino.

What if we had some additional bonuses if we complete an event strike with some additional conditions?
For example:

  • without loosing any dino
  • use only common/rare/epic/legendary dinos
  • use any specific dinos
  • don’t use shields
  • use any SIA action (twice)

And if you complete it with that condition, you get some cash, more coins or DNA. That would add more challenges to event strikes.


If there are too many complaints about the Epic towers are too easy, then, just wait until the Devs make it a bit harder. No additional rewards though. They’ll just make it hard.

The future ones will be

  1. L30 Erlidominus, L30 Indominus and L30 Indorap - Cloak and Evasive theme.
  2. L30 Utarinex, L30 Diloracheirus (the Unique) and L30 Dilo (the Legend) - Hit-and-Run Raptors theme.
  3. L30 Stegod, L30 Tragod, L30 Stegoceratops - Stunning Tankers theme.
  4. L30 Tryo, L30 Magna (the Unique) and L30 Monomimus - Immune theme.
  5. The one that is the best - L30 Spinota, L30 Suchotator, L30 Dimodactylus (the new Bleeding bird) - Bleeders theme.

Anyhows, no harm in trying since it is free… :blush: