Additional Challenges


It would be great if new challenges were added to the game. I was thinking along the lines of daily, weekly, and monthly. For example collect 200 common dna for a daily challenge, and you could take it a step farther and make it so it has to be a particular dinos dna. Basically if you just added some extra things to work for that would be great. Any sort of rewards would be appreciated, extra dna, incubators, bucks, ect.


Expanding on this, fulfilling requests for DNA where you have 3 dinos to choose from. That way, if you live in a Paralophosaurus dead zone like me, you can choose from 2 other dinosaurs that are available next to it, etc, etc. Maybe once you complete the common DNA challenge, a rare DNA challenge unlocks, then an epic. Number of DNA required for completion linked to rarity, of course, so if you have to get 200 common, you only need like 45 epic. Also, maybe don’t establish which dinos you need to get the epic DNA from, since you never really know what kind of epic you’ll find, you just stumble across them.

Or, to simplify the task, dinosaur tagging? Similar to the DNA, but in this case, it’s more like… “tag” dinos of a specific type, using broader categories, to track populations or however you want to justify it. Basically, an alternative to having to find specific dinosaurs. Just find X number of dinos with sharp teeth/long necks/spikes/rare quality/whatever to qualify. This could be easier with classes of dino added to the game, so you’d be hunting for X HP dinos or Y Defense dinos.

Direct hit challenges. Get X number of direct hits to get a prize! It’s like a carnival game. This might be harder for players with coordination/fine motor issues though. Then again, if it’s just one out of a number of different challenges, maybe that won’t be too big a concern.

Hunting down “specific” dinos for capture. So this one has more story behind it. For example: A wild triceratops is loose in the area, causing all sorts of ruckus. Please track and capture it. These dinos are highlighted in a different color than normal DNA dinos, and perhaps you’re darting it to knock it out for capture. If you don’t hit it enough times the first time, it can still reappear later, and you can finish the job. They’re universal random spawns, not tied to park locations, but also not impossible for players to find, like a lot of non-commons are. This suggestion would need added stuff that isn’t already part of the game, so I’ll stop here.

Anything that adds more achievements to the game is good, I like collecting badges and I’ve only got one achievement left before I’ve completed all of them for this game. Also, all of these also provide opportunity to integrate more DPG stuff into the game.


They could easily add missions to the game with what they already have. Instead of arena towers they could be mission stations where “scientists” need you to go out and get an “x” amount of DNA from certain dinosaurs they need to make new dinosaurs. Your given a list and you have ‘x’ days to collect them all. You get a little credit or coins as you get them and if you get all of them, you get a bonus incubator with a bonus amount of DNA from what you caught. They could have one day common missions, 3 day rare missions and a 7 day epic mission.

This would give incentive to go out and hunt.

They are adding this battle stuff which is good but they need to add to the hunting and darting side of the game to keep it interesting.