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Additional changes to Dior and Tryko before they are rendered completely useless

With the idiotic change to resilient because the player base didn’t read the release notes for 2.0 and over speed boosted fierce creatures and then cry when they get slowed and wrecked. I propose some alterations to Dior and Tryko predominately.

  1. give Tryko back her resilient counter. Atleast then maybe making some one vulnerable will mean something, as she will be dead turn 2 anyways. Or give her kentros decelerating counter.

  2. give Dior swap in slow from the tuojiangosaurus.

Stop rewarding those that don’t want to build and use strategies in a battle. If they want mindless button pressing, Pokémon Go still exists


1 what tryko needs now is not another resilient move, sure resilient counter would be slightly better than medium counter, but it has resilient impact anyway. if you want to improve it then i agree decelerating counter type of stuff would be much better
2 I actually find dio stronger with vulnerable instead of slowing. remember it still cleanses distraction and it still removes dodge (even if it doesnt the counter does anyway) it has 2 instant shield moves so speed is not the most important for it. but having increased damage output is definitely a good thing for it, especially when its up against other resilients that may have armor

How about replacing their Resilient moves and giving them Superiority moves? In fact, Tryko could use a good Superior Vulnerability Impact so it can keep both vulnerability and speed decrease, while also making sense, since Ankylo has Superior Vulnerability.

:joy::joy::joy: that’s hilarious

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Give Dio stun and distraction immunity.

How about we don’t buff two of the strongest non-broken uniques and buff dinos that have been out of meta for years?


you don’t want to help these two fellows who got hit with a hammer for no reason?

do not give tryko resilient counter give it a decelerating counter and do not forget about ten rex. it should have superiority strike.