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Additional confirmation for evolving a dino

Hey, just throwing a quality of life improvement idea for the game. I’d love an additional confirmation when you are about to evolve a dino. I’ve just thrown 300 T-Rex DNA and 10k of coins into the dumpster, because of accidentally clicking the evolve button.


Agreed, I often worry about this.

Maybe even a toggle from each dino to prevent further evolutions until you turn it off again.

Yeah, same … always scroll down carefully or you might evolve by accident.

I’ve almost done this myself and had a mini heart attack. A second click to confirm wouldn’t be the worst thing.

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We should also have a slider so we can choose how much DNA we want to use to evolve on any level. Especially for those that use 2 Dino DNAs to create. It’s a pain to go through one by one on those where we get a ton of DNA and have to click and wait over and over again

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Shame they didn’t follow up on this, just lost 10k coins because me phone slipped, was just about the close the dinosaur and go to the map