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Additional Hatchery Discount during the Week

I’d like to formally suggest adding an additional hatchery discount at another point in the week. The issue has been brought up in many different threads, but I’d like to summarize it here.

Right now, the only hatchery discount ends before 7 am for most of the US (Central and Western Time). If there was just one other hatchery discount during the week at a different time of day, it would greatly help the US players, and provide an additional time for people in other time zones who also cannot make the Tuesday discount. It would be a great way to get more US consumers to spend DB, which should be a goal of Ludia.

Personally, I am not looking forward to hoping I’m awake briefly between 5:00 am and 7:00 am so I can catch it tomorrow…


You definitely get an agreement from a LOT of us on this one. I have late hours even for the West Coast time zone, so it’s almost impossible for me to catch this discount. But last night I was having a lot of trouble getting to sleep, and finally just started to play the game to pass the time (I know, I know, NOT the thing to do to battle insomnia issues!) and happened to catch the start of the discount…before going to bed! So went on a spending spree of hatching stuff and spent my DBs down as low as they’ve been in months! Still have about 20 tournaments to hatch but that definitely made a big dent and along with the Stygis, gave me the next larger beacon!


I’m guessing it doesn’t overly matter… but definitely would be a HUGE supporter of a second hatchery time during the week that is a bit more feasible to reach… I think it’s currently between 3a-5a my time. Additionally, any thoughts on a second badge beacon?

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Was able to get up with 15 minutes left on the hatchery discount and managed to clear everything, back to zero creatures in my market:

now I just need to work on getting my DB back in the bank.


I managed to catch it as well, but I have much too much of a backlog for it to have made a huge difference… but at least I now have all the Gorgos I need to finally make a Gorgosuchus! Just probably will run out of food before I do! :frowning: