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Additional, Non-boosted PvP leage

I really wish that there was an option to play in a PVP league that had no boosts. I understand that boosts are part of Ludia’s business model, but for me, it’s at the expense of turning the game from a strategy game into a pay to win game.

Boosts are ruining my PvP experience in the Aviary. I really enjoyed the PvP when most of the dinos were unboosted or lightly boosted. I want a strategy and leveling game, not a game where I have to spend several thousand dollars to be competitive. I’ll buy DNA packs but I won’t buy boosts. I would love to play in a second alternate PvP league without boosts, where the focus is progression through skill and leveling dinos. Even players who enjoy boosts would find variety in the different dynamic created by unboosted PvP.


I think the majority of players dislike boosts and they definitely have made the game experience worse… an arena with boosts disabled would be great. Even if rewards are needed for this arena, it’s fine. The game incentivizes battling, which I am totally ok with. However to really be good at battling you need lots of boosts, and when boosts can just be bought, it kinda becomes like… totally unfair.
I’m no coding expert or game designer but I wouldn’t think it would not be that difficult to do an arena without boosts. Doesn’t even need a different design. I just miss winning bc of strategy or levels instead of pay to win players running through my team.
I’m just being realistic here, make the rewards less so that players are still incentivized to play in the boosted arena, but right now a lot of people just straight up don’t battle bc of boosts. So if Ludia wants to maybe decrease their revenue from boosts- which let’s be honest won’t be that much bc the whales that buy boosts will probably just keep doing it- that’s fine. I’m fine with boosts being sold if there is an option to avoid players that buy them, which right now there isn’t. I think lots of people that don’t battle or straight up quit the game would return in the boost-less arena, even with rewards nerfed.
Again, ideally we would get the same rewards in the boostless arena as the boosted arena, but we have to be realistic and be willing to negotiate.
So this is my offer.