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Addresing the rarity issue

Ok Ludia we have seen you try and get the balanced thing fair but why in everything that is sacred do you keeep insisting in giving hybrid dinos of lower rairty the power you insist on taking from the higher, more hard to get dinos, its supposed to be an accomplishment that you managed to get that legendary or unique ye hybrid but it get outshined by a lower rairty hybrid, and there are 3 of the biggest offenders here, Procerathomimus, Indoraptor Gen 2 and Indomins Gen 2, Procerathomamus id way to OP and I wouldn’t complain as much if it wasn’t for the fact that you nerfed to the ground its legendary counterpart Monomimus because the same things Procerathomimus actually does, and then you went and made a new Indoraptor and Indominus rex that are better than both their rarer counterpart not to mention cheaper; there are two ways you can fix this mess, either exchange the move pools of the hybrids with their counterpart so the higher rarity ones get the best move set or you block over leveling hybrids by rairty, as an example rare hybrids can go beyond lv 15, Epic hybrids cant go beyond lv 20 and Legendaries can’t go beyond lv 25 personally I would prefer you exchange the move sets easier fix and less punishing to the people that invested on the hybrids to go to extraordinary levels

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I’d like to see all your blue dna please

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Which do you think should be better, a unique made from two of the same commons, and a global epic, or a legendary made from an event exclusive epic, a local exclusive rare, and a daily rare that is going to be harder to obtain in 1.10? Indo G2 needs a slight nerf, but because it’s op. Not because Indo G1 is too weak. In fact, according to lore, Indo G2 being better than Indo G1 makes sense. Although I also agree that Indo G1 needs a buff

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What’s wrong with some lower rarity creatures being viable?

You mention only some dinos that seems to give you most troubles in battles.

It’s nice to see different creatures in battle. I’m tired of seeing Erli, Tryko, Thor, DC and Magna again and again. Battles usually go like this: Erli or Thor opens against my Tryko or Tenontorex, DC flies in after one hit, my Erli oneshot it, then Tryko comes in… It’s like this in 85% of battles.

So it would be refreshing to see more different creatures in battle and battles become more unpredictable.


New, less op Indo G2

Cautious strike- No longer cleanses or dodges
Definite rampage
Mutual fury
Evasive stance

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But now you only see Procerathomimus and Dracoceratops, which falls back to what you y are against, what I’m trying to say is that why they make better hyrbids of lower quality with easier components when they keep nerfing the ones that were in before them and got nerfed because they were exaclty like the new counterparts

I only see Yoshi in the mid to high arenas. Never in the super high arenas like library

The Unique because its rarity and effort to get is harder to complete, that is the objective in any game you start with basic and easy to get stuff then you get better stuff with harder to get materials or requirements

Indo G2 is more expensive in terms of dna. Indo G1 is more expensive in terms of coins

Thats not true, Indo G2 is DNA is super easy to get heck a lot of people unlocked it really fast because the tons of DNA that was useless kept accumulating, excepto mabye for Blue in the lower arenas and the T rex G2 for the Tenotorex,

So that leaves us with echo. Since you just pointed out that not many people have a crud ton of blue or T-Rex G2

We have had a lot of Blue DNA events and before Indoraptor G2 people accumulated Blue DNA before Indoraptor was released becaud ethey thought Blue would be the component for it but no, it was the common raptor so Blue was just that Dino you get for the lower arenas to the decent ammount of lv which most of the time meant Blue got to lv 15 or mabye 17 at best before being tossed to the corner of never used again dinos, Rex G2 DNA well its quite usefull, since thee Unique and the Legendary were just really good, so that makes only one component that was activately searched by a lot of people, while the other two were just accumulative advantage, although I am to blame on the misunderstanding since I didn’t express myself well enough, to summarize one component with is good only in lower arenas then accumulates, one component no one used except mabye for the rare tournaments, and one component that has a unique which means most people has enough to level Indo G2 quite a bit

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All I hear in this argument is current players. Think of the new players starting from scratch. Which would be easier to come by? G1 or G2 indo? And not everyone stockpiled Blue dna. I barely had enough to get indo g2 to 18. And it will most likely be stuck there until another Blue event comes along.
It may be easy for long time players to create G2, but newer players won’t have it for a long time. In that sense, G1 is easer to create.

Onto the rarity issue.
I think of rarity in terms of the franchise, the movies, and lore. Talking about indos again, G1 indo was a prototype. An unfinished product. Very few were created. So it makes sense that it has a unique rarity. G2 indo is essentially the finished product. If they were able to get Blue dna to mix with it, it would be their best creation, so to speak. A finished product is going to attract more people/ sell better. More would’ve been created, hence the legendary rarity. And since it is a finished product, it’s stronger than the original that was a prototype.
This rarity issue really only works with G1 and G2 dinos, I got nothing for Proceratho and DC. They shouldn’t be as strong as they are, unless there is some kind of lore that says they should.

I will give ludia some credit for trying to stick to the lore of the franchise.


Too me it sounds like a bunch of self pandering without the regard towards the newer players. Maybe they would like to experience the joy of having an Indo Gen 2 of their own. My question is why overcomplicate things with the game?

Uniques shouldn’t be immortal to lower rarities. I don’t get why there is upheaval when lower rarity creatures can actually compete in the endgame.

Indoraptor1 is still great with its immunities and 3 damage moves. Indo2 is markedly better since it’s made with rarer DNA including Blue who is exclusive. In that way Indo2 is great for the same reason Gemini is. It is not easy to level in the slightest without alliance sanctuary cooperation on Blue and Echo.

Promimus is better than Monomimus because it uses a rare exclusive over mono’s common exclusive ingredient. But Monomimus is better anyway since it has a superhybrid dividend. I don’t know why it’s stats are so high, but I’m betting that’ll change when it eventually gets its own hybrid.

You’d think everyone would be happy seeing the unique monotony broken up and lesser rarities being usable.


For some time I’ve wondered why Ludia insists on allowing lower rarities to be better than their higher rarity counterparts. It often makes no sense to me as I’m used to a game encouraging the player to build up the components necessary to get to the best possible end game creatures/ fighters/ vehicles etc…
With Yoshi, a simple to create epic, being way better than the legendary Monomimus there is no incentive at all to get the legendary. And exactly the same applies with Indominus gen2 and Indoraptor gen2 so I guess I need to rethink the way I think things should be.
Clearly Ludia see that many players just “Gotta catch em all” and don’t really care about rarity. To them this is not an issue at all. It’s only the players that enjoy the arena who are miffed by the apparent lack of logic regarding lower rarity to be better than higher. And that’s most of us on this forum, but away from here there is a huge playerbase that only fight in the arena because they have to, or indeed never go in it at all.
Look at how many alliances still have player on zero!

See very few Procerathomimus in Library and when I see one Maxima takes it out easily.

Not sure, how you see Indo g2 easy to make, when Blue is exclusive DNA. Never really went after Blue once I unlocked it. Usually needed one of other dinos in event. Got a bunch of Blue DNA from strike towers and even leveled it up to 16 for Stygis strike tower back then. Still could only lvl get Indo g2 to lvl 21, which is not even near enough to make it in team.

Also can’t understand how so many see Indo g2 as OP. It’s good, but tank that can slow it, will beat it.

@Schtemty Ludia wants to sell boosts. So they make lower rarities better than their higher counterparts, that low, mid lvl players can boost them. Then they unlock uniques and they need to boost them. So they need to buy boosts.

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Monomimus has a hybrif that is worlthless, no one uses it, and Procerathomimus shouldn’t be as strong, Proceratosaurus DNA is so easy to get same as Ornithomimus, thats why you see it everywhere because it’s so easy to get, also so now only new players matter? Players in the highest arena dont care that much cause they keep accumulating DNA which they don’t use bt the older players that play casualy get punished again and again, Stegodeus got nerfed to the ground, then we got Carnotarkus which does ghr same thing Stegod did but better, I said my share about Monomimus, Indoraptor G1 got a slight buff but has such an easy counter it’s not even funny, since it’s already kinda slow for a Raptor hybrid you just need to slow it more and boom dead, Indominus rex G1 god damit the poor thing doesn’t get a break and the Cloak, Evasion nerf got it hard, Einasuchus overshadows its superhybrid by a long shot, and there will be more on the future

Vexus is actually good now, and Proceratosaurus is still exclusive DNA no matter how much it’s been featured lately.

Deus is perfectly viable, especially now that more and more players will be dropping Thor with Boosts 2.0.

Evasion just got a buff in 1.10

Einiasuchus is pretty awful now, Rixis has become superior.

Sorry mate, but this seems more like aggravations than substance.


I don’t think players will drop Thor from their teams because of Boosts 2.0. You will start to see Thors with less speed.
With the change in Cloak mechanism, players will be forced to add Nullifiers. That’ll maybe be reason of dropping Thor.