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Addressing the 2.9 "game won't load" issue a day later

So I’m having the same problem as a lot of other people around the world right now, updated to 2.9 and now it’s stuck at 1/30 and won’t load the game. I went to sleep yesterday already frustrated but with a mindset that these things can happen, it’s expected that at some point there might be a problem with a game that is always online 24/7.

That said, when I tried logging in the next day and still have the same issue I decided to make this post. I can accept a game being down for some hours but in this situation it’s not for everyone and it’s not for a few hours (while we still have heard nothing from Ludia about this).

My main problem with this (aside from not being able to play like the rest of my alliance) is that JWA is designed to be a daily game that rewards you for logging in and doing your raids/tasks every day while “punishing” you if you don’t. At this point I can level Ceramagnus to level 29 with any outcome from the raid today but obviously won’t because I’m stuck at 1/30. In addition to this I’m losing out on all the other raids plus coins/boosts etc.

If this issue continues to exist after this day has passed and we have lost all this progress which we can’t get back, I’m requesting through this post that Ludia compensate us for at least the lost apex DNA plus boosts from the daily incubator and the DNA from strike towers. You should be able to identify which players are having this problem and just hand them out these rewards in the in-game mail. If it’s for some reason not that easy to identify them, maybe request that everyone sends a ticket at Ludia support and reward them through that.

I tried to remain very courteous throughout this post as I don’t know whose “fault” this is, but do still demand that we at least get a post or something that acknowledges this problem and provides a solution or compensation for it.


Me gustaría recibir una compensación por la pérdida de tiempo en las incubadoras, monedas, adn de las raids. Esto nos retrasa frente a otros que ya están jugando.

I would like to receive compensation for the waste of time in incubators, coins, DNA of raids. This slows us down from others who are already playing

Me parece absolutamente vergonzoso que un juego con mas de 10 millones de descargas tenga un retraso de mas de 24 horas para arreglar y perdi todas las raids e incubadoras torres y demas sigo en 1/30 desde ayer a las 18:00 exijo una recompensa de verdad no 100 billetes que no valen para nada

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I find it absolutely embarrassing that a game with more than 10 million downloads has a delay of more than 24 hours to fix and I lost all the raids and incubators towers and others I am still at 1/30 since yesterday at 18:00 I demand a reward of Not 100 bills that are worth nothing

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Until this morning the game worked. 8.00 pm Italian time, I can no longer log in, it does not make me select with that access to enter (neither Facebook, nor guest and nor google). I tried to delete data, force shutdown, uninstall the game 4 times and install it, always with the same result. NO POSSIBILITY TO ACCESS FROM NOW 2 HOURS. Ludia do something and a common problem. this is the screen screening of my thalete, still at 1. and with no input selection.

I been trying to be as patient as possible but it get a point that is not possible to do that because we are the only ones lossing here (the ones not available to play ) because all the dna that we could get by playing,we will never get back,the towers that we are missing,we not getting that back too,plus the coins,bucks,and without talking about the raids in the most the ,apex ones.
And on the end when you do get the game up and running we will not get any compensation for it my alliance is lossing lots with that too and the frustration is unbelievable and unbearable….
So please get this sorted as quickly as possible please and I would like to see what kind of compensation we will get,because normally by this time the game would be deleted from my phone and I will be done….
But when the love for the game is big that become a little bit hard to do it

And you’re 1+ days behind everyone else who’s Been playing

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