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Addressing the Cheater Problem


I’d like to thank Ludia in advance for holding off on rolling out another PvP tournament, and I believe that has in big part to do with them figuring out a solution to the cheater problem in this game.

It’s one thing if I’m going up against players that have grinded, worked their way up to improve their team, but if I’m being matched up against players that cheated their way up the leaderboard, it causes all sorts of problems. Going up against players that cheated their way up is like someone that juiced/used PEDs in sports. In said sports, those players get punished for such behavior, as should like players that spoofed/botted/hacked the game for where they are. It diminishes the value of the effort of those who made their way up and it denies those who are striving to make their way up the leaderboard ladder. I’m disgusted to think of how many honest hard hustling players were denied Erlikosaurus DNA from last season’s prize because players with already level 30 Erlidom’s, who appeared out of nowhere on the leaderboard not long prior.

So if this is reason why any further tournaments are being postponed, I want to express all gratitude to Ludia taking the proper action necessary.


Preach brotha! :raised_hands:t4:
I’m cool with Ludia taking all the time they need (within reason) as long as they get them out


I had an opponent’s l18 paramoloch use instant charge 3 times in a row against my erlidom in an arena battle today.


“ I’m disgusted to think of how many honest hard hustling players were denied Erlikosaurus DNA from last season’s prize because players with already level 30 Erlidom’s, who appeared out of nowhere on the leaderboard not long prior.“

:point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2:This part is soo true!:cry: Thanks for understanding mate…


I posted a short story in the other cheater thread on how I felt it our progress is going on in that front. The tldr version is this, right after the worst season as far as cheaters go, Ludia had their best week in sales in months like many months. Games pop is up too. And they got this while doing nothing about cheaters. I hope Im wrong but I dont think they are going to change a working strategy.

I think a more likely scenario is they have all hands on deck tring to fix alliance missions as the internal clock to 1.7 is ticking and there holding off a new season to fix missions.

Like I said I hope Im wrong, but when the games posting such high numbers I dont look for them to rock the boat.


This. Plus they do seem to be paying closer attention to noticeable spikes in outrage on the forums over certain issues, for better or worse. Making sure people don’t feel pressured by tournament frequency will get their attention, stopping cheaters will not :man_facepalming:t2:

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I do agree that the frequency of tournaments was starting to run everyone dry, which could indicate the longer pause duration, but it could also imply Ludia’s got something brewing in effort to revamp the whole arena scene, including handling the cheaters. For about 2 months, asking Ludia to address the cheater problem was the #1 topic on the forums


Clearly many of us are still voting with their dollar to keep the cheaters around, so I doubt that matters.


Well, thank you for speaking out.


Personally I love that there hasn’t been another tourney starting right away. Battles get super hard and competitive, and people with much higher/better dinos than me fall into my arena, I lose so many trophies :joy: I need more down time like this for practice.


Didn’t they already say opting out would become an option? Problem solved, let those people do that and let me get back to spending more time and effort than makes sense battling for sub par prizes. Tired of sullying my squad against arena bots. They deserve better.


No opting out is never been in the talks… they were refering to new tournaments that would run along side seasonal pvp and those tournaments would be opt in. Tournaments are sometjing that will take place over a weekend and could happen during seasons or in the gaps between them.
The only change they refered to about seasons was being rewarded by highest trophies earned.


Exactly, all thats being done on the forums is alot of talk… people comming on the forums demanding ludia do something about cheaters. But then spending a good chunk of money on the game. All that says to Ludia is youll complain about the cheaters but then spend money so there ok with you complaining. They might have to do something about it at somepoint too, but right now your content eniugh you keep paying and their content enough to make money off whoever they can.

Im not speaking about anyone specifically here… no one person spent enough money to shoot this game up 60 spots on the playstores charts. I havent seen in that high since September…and right now there is someone in Ludias office saying why waste resources on shrinking their customer base when clearly cheaters are not affecting how much people are willing to spend.


Lol I’m new here and I’m curious about this is it like pogo spoofing?


Spoofing is pretending to be in a different location to get better dinos. It’s totally unfair as a legit player has to search and search nonstop for, say, a rex, whereas a spoofer just changes some settings and; Boom. Level 30 rex.
Tbh, I think the sense of achievement is greater if, like all of us, you’re a legit player.
If you’re a cheater and you’re reading this, ask yourself. Why?
It ruins the game for us “legits” and speeds up game play so the games done by the time you’ve started.
I just don’t get why people cheat, and agree with the fact it needs to stop.
I’ve had this game for months and am only at level nine. When I’m in arena lockdown, i can say to myself; wow. I did all this the legit way. Now for the next challenge!

So, to all you hackers cheaters or whatever you call yourself, Stop it. Just, stop.


I also don’t spend hundreds of pounds on the game. And as you can probably guess now… I’m a Brit… it rains a lot. Therefore I’m more of a sit at home player. All you spoofers, become a sit at home player. That way, you don’t have to go anywhere. So, the problem of you not wanting to go any where - if that’s you trouble - is solved.


So you’re a spoofer?

Spoofers already sit at home.

So what was your point of your post?
I’m not bullying, but you not spending money doesnt have to do with cheating, and:

Thanks for restating the problem after hearing it 17 times on this thread.


I’m not a spoofer.
I never said that using money is cheating.
All I said was: If your a cheater, stop it.

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Being a sit at home player doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a spoofer, it means people are inclined to spoof.
Another reason I’m a “sit at home player” is because I live in a data poor area, you can’t get 4G unless you drive down the road a bit, not something I can do every day.

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Besides, if I were a spoofer, I’d have a level 30rex… oh boy, I dream for when that day arrives- I can shoot out a level 30 rex!
It all just takes patience :joy:

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