Adjusted Raid Strategies using Refrenantem

I am working on adjusted strategies that uses Refrenantem.
The 3 turn cooldown is a little more challenging but doable.

I may try an adjustment on the 3rd round but this worked although my Ardentis got taken out in turn 9.
Hydra Boa Raid:

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Here is a Mortem Rex strategy using Parasauthop’s and 3 Refrenantem’s that will work with the 3 turn cooldown on Super Distraction.

Turn 1 of round 2 can go two ways but worked it out so is should work whether Majunga minion shields or does a cleansing hit. Para should group heal before Mortems cleansing group strike enough to keep the one hurt Ref alive for the rest of the raid but the raid can be successful even if one Ref dies here.

Mortem Rex Raid:


Спасибо за схемы. А вы еще не пробовали схемы с рефами на крока?

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Translated from Russian

Thanks for the diagrams. Have you tried the schemes with refs for croc yet?

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

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Here is an updated raid strategy for Imperatasuchus by way of extending the 1st 2 rounds 4 turns. I would say it is a good idea to have boosts on health more than anything. If your Ref’s are only 26, you need 4 health boosts for this. If your working with a group that can’t talk to each other, more health would be useful. I play 4 accounts so I can hit the right buttons at the right time for the Refs who are all the same speed.

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