Adjustment on tournament rewards for 4 weeks instead of 5

As the next 5 weeker is not till March. Will ludia be adjusting the scores acheiveable for dna on a 4 weeker. I think it would be fair to do that. So each team would be relative to rewards on a 4 week and a 5 week. No team is going to make 65000 on 4 weeks. Very few will make over 50000 in 4 weeks. I think it was about 16 teams in 5 weeks who did the 650.

Anyway I think it should be adjusted. Between 4 weeks and 5 weeks rewards


Yes, this is a great idea, and for the same reason it will never appear


Absolutely ! Not even the best teams worldwide are getting the best rewards this time :frowning: @Ludia_Developers please take a look on this :slight_smile: