Admin of this game has no heart to accept the reality!


Why random team selection is so unfair!! When I asked my post had been hidden out! All should have fair chance to play !! If other is having Raptor then atleast member of other team should have selected accordingly!!
Very poor management!!
If you want you can hide my this post as well !!


Your out of your mind. This actually helps everyone by keeping the game fair and giving small players a chance to beat big ones that got a unlucky deck.
I don’t like you and i don’t like that you can’t make an (inquiry I guess?) Like an adult.


So you want everyone to be able to have a raptor every time…?

No thanks.


I absolutely agree. You should be able to set your team and it stay like that unless you change it. Also you shouldn’t be matched with opponents that have dinos 3+ levels higher. Within 1-2 levels of yours is acceptable. As far as the “faster” dinos getting to attack first every time, this shouldn’t be the case when it’s my turn and I swap to a different dino. There is a lot of potential on this game but a lot needs to be done as well.


This is what I am trying to say … small players should have chance to play!! When level 12 Raptor meet Level 6 or 7 !! Do you think it’s fair ?


I’m not asking to have raptor all the time!! It’ll be a one sided game !! I am asking to select the team according the selection of other team!


I don’t care if you like me or not !! But you do care the about the mismanagement of the Game !!


Ok. My team ranges from lvl 8 to lvl 15. Should I meat dinos in lvl 8 or 15?
And if I got to have a fixed team most in my arena wouldnt stand a chance since I already lose on purpose to get the dinos I want from the incubators.


No but if that big player always got to ensure that had a Velo you would have no chance. Random Decks are the best option.


So get out there and level up. Geesh. How hard is that . Everyone gets a trophy…um no.


This is what we are doing!! But unfair selection of so called random team is purely mismanagement od the game !!


I’m only level 7 with some high and low ranking . Learn strategy against them.


What is so hard about understanding YOU NEED TO COLLECT DNA! DNA is your key. If you’re team is to low and you’re getting beat on a constant but you refuse to play the game the way its built then maybe it’s time to quit


Boy o boy this is rinse n repeat thread again :roll_eyes:… Collect DNA. Buy what you want, Don’t buy what you won’t want. My game barely picks raptor when I play and I’m glad. Although there are times I’ll be forced to use it but generally I avoid him and use my better options.