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Admired Badge

I just got awarded my Admired badge …

“This badge is granted when you receive at least 5 likes on 300 different posts. Wow! The community admires your frequent, high quality contributions to the conversations here.”

“frequent, high quality contributions” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: more like “random, ranty drivel”

At least I am in distinguished company - 2 other holders: @Arnold & Hersh :raised_hands:


Not bad! Some of those forum badges are really hard to get.

I got it a few days ago. I didn’t even notice that only Hersh had it, lol

Sad part is i wouldnt have gotten that achievement if it was an ingame achievement. I know ive taken a few days off the game over the course of a year but apparently you guys are so entertaining i cant stay away from the forum for a day.

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I would have :stuck_out_tongue: haven’t missed a day since launch!

Well that’s impressive! It is a good group. (And weren’t you all in the same alliance?)

Congrats. Lol
Im not sure if I’m even close to that one.

We have been … good times

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Yes, they were good times! I wasn’t even involved I ,was just a watcher.