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Ok, I have to ask! Why is the Adontosaurus only a one attempt? Some of us don’t have a high enough DNA per shot to get it in one attempt. Would be nice if it was at least a three attempt Dino.

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That’s just the way all Legendary/Unique attempts have always been… Think about how much coin and DNA you’re saving by being able to gain it directly, it’s certainly better than just getting the ingredients!


True but it would be nice to at least get enough to try to create it if you can get just enough.

Just so you know, the point isn’t to be able to get it from the event. It’s meant to make acquiring for it a bit easier, so when the time comes that you start fusing for it, you already have some DNA towards it. Otherwise you’d have new players in the beginning arenas with a legendary dino, making things quite unbalanced.


I guess you’re right. My bad.

The purpose of them letting us dart it is so that we can end up with an odd number of dna (not a multiple of 10) that will bug us forever.


Of course that is not the real reason. :smiling_imp:


That is what the sanctuary is for, so you don’t get stuck on a 9 and flood the forums with pictures of “so close!”. Like we all haven’t been there. LOL

If you were able to get half way to creating (100 DNA) that saves you roughly 1000 Argentinosaurus and 250 secodontosaurus along with 1000 coins. My guess is if you got that in a incubator you’d be happy.

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I guess you are pretty new. Some of us remember st. Patricks day. Arena went crazy after the 5 attempts on our tyrent tier uniques.

1 attempt is more then enough and i love getting maxima dna for free!


Pfffffffffffffft nah dio wasn’t tyrant back then lol


It always was, at least in my heart :stuck_out_tongue:

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