Adrenaline surge and the like


I have only found one purpose for this move with my gorgo… usually against anything using a deceleration attack… I feel these moves should have more purpose… yea I know some give power boosts yadda yadda but if you’re a slower dino using it you’re pretty much using it for nothing… maybe a 1 turn immunity buff so you can actually use its benefits…


It also clears you from a vulnerability hit and damage over time. Pretty versatile.


Still dont matter if you’re the slower dino using it… it becomes useless… you’re regaining a small amount of health just to get attacked twice in a row


not exactly. sometimes the tiny amount of health left after adSurge and being hit is enough to grant you another round. and sometimes you can time it with the opponent invincibility. you just have to know how and when to use it.


Yes, it’s all about timing and knowing your opponent’s move set. If you use it when you only have a few hundred hp left, it’s not gonna save you. Use it early in a match when regaining your speed advantage will make the most difference, when an opponent will likely use a non/low damage defense move (instant cripple/cloak/invincibility), or is down to basic strikes/does low damage and you can afford to take a hit. It’s not a move that will be used in every battle, but it isn’t useless and can score a win when used proplerly.


Well like I said it’s only beneficial if you are the faster dino… you dont sacrifice 2 free hits… if you are slower than the opponent then you move first… heal… get hit… then get hit again because you act second… usually the 2nd hit will kill you… almost every time


wrong again. if the oppontn uses a slow down attack on you that only lasts one round, you can still be fastest by using it, and making them lose the advantage.


You’re the wrong. He talked about Adrenaline surge is bad when you are the slower dino and he’s right.


Maybe if I put it into a scenario… say my gorgo just took out an opponent… missing half my health they throw in a dino that’s faster than my gorgo… I use adrenaline… I go first obviously… that’s my turn… I heal… then they attack pretty much negating everything that adrenaline did… now its their turn to go first because they have the faster dino… gorgo dead… how is this difficult to comprehend…


worthless ability. you will take more damage than you heal yourself for and most likley get killed the next turn, doing no damage at all to your opponent


I’m telling ya… simple solution to make the move more desirable to use… 1 turn immunity buff… obviously there are plenty of dinos with counters so it would then come back to the game of what’s he/she gonna do next… I know I’d use it more often if I knew I wasnt going to just die right away after using it…