Adrenaline Surge at full health make it lose health instead


When Gorgosuchus casted Adrenaline Surge at full health, it lost 25% health


Hi ! I am not sure on what happened here, because the screen doesn’t tell enough. Maybe you already know that, but I try anyway: if you use adrenaline surge when you are at maximum health, seen that this skill act first, you will not gain other hp, then your opponent attack you and you loose the amount of hp of his attack.

If this was not your case, contact ludia’s support (I think the email address is ) with your support key and screen in order to let them investigate on this.

Hope this helps. :wink:


Well that’s interesting. Anyone wanna play me real quick to test this?


True, I saw the animation of gorgo losing health from full right after Adrenaline Surge but it seems it lost more than 25% if I see its health.


if you are trying to heal yourself at full health, you kind of deserve to be punished :joy: :joy: :joy:


It’s actually the way to play sometimes against counter-attack dinos if it gives you the damage (or you’re waiting for rampage cooldown) to one shot them.


I actually misclicked this time