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Ads Crashing the Game

Anyone else having more than unusual issues with watching ads? I’ve always had issues from time to time with ads not playing, but what’s been different is not only are a very high percentage of ads failing, they are causing the game to completely crash, rather than just getting an error message. Sometimes they will crash before starting to play, but often the ad will play, but then it will crash before finishing. I probably am going to stop paying the daily lottery for the time being due to this, as it’s taking me so many attempts to get through the 3 ad watches, each time having to wait for the game to restart to make another try. I’m trying to get the ads for today done and have had about 10 crashes so far just trying to get the first one done.

I’m using a Samsung S10+ most of the time, but did try a couple times on my iPad and experienced a similar crash on there as well. I make sure all other apps are closed and even tried a reboot of my device to see if that might help.

No crashes in my park so far.

No crashes on my end either. But, I’ve been playing in empty airports and resort. I know you had mentioned that you thought the internet might just be swamped where you are? Not that I recommend being in airports right now… And super look forward to the fact that I’m on my 4th and last flight that will get me home!! When I get there tonight, I’ll see if I have any problems with ads and let you know!


No issues with the three ads that I watched for the lottery today.

@BruceRex I hope the rest of your travels were uneventful and that you have made it home safe.

Thank you @Sionsith. Finally home and was able to test… No problems with ads for me at home. Sorry that this wasn’t insightful @Mary_Jo!


They don’t seem to be the same problem for me now that they were that first day of the tournament. Will see if there continues to be any issues.

I’ve had crashes in mine or the thing just freezes up

It definitely seems to have cleared up, whatever the issue was. At least for now.

Hey Mary_Jo, I’m glad to hear that the issue seemed to have cleared up. However, if you experience this issue again, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support so our team can investigate further.

If you could also include your device information in your email, it’d be really helpful.


Yes, the video ads crash every single time on all three of my family devices. I hope it is not intentional to force more ad plays since the ads resume playing later but provide no rewards. I wonder if their advertisers know they are paying for ads that don’t work. The game ads are mostly ok. It is extremely frustrating, to the point that one of my kids broke a device screen already, so rest assured I will not be doing any more in game purchases. My family has stopped playing the game until this issue is fixed. If they can’t fix it reliably, at least they should honour the rewards when the app reopens.

I’m sorry to hear that, Impossible. If you haven’t already, could I ask you to contact our support team here at with your support key and device information? It’ll help our team with their investigation.