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Ads shutting down app?

Has anyone else been struggling with ad issues today? Every single time I’ve tried watching one today, the entire game shuts down. Everything else seems to be functioning like normal. But for the free tournament entry, lottery tickets, hatchery, fusion, extra mystery pack, etc. Every one causes my game to crash. Waited until now to see if the 6pm switch over would fix it… But it’s still crashing my game every time. If it’s just me, I’ll put in a ticket, but wanted to check with the group first. If it’s a global problem, I’m sure Ludia is already aware.

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I’m not getting this but sometimes I get it where I watch an ad and it doesnt claim it, so no -20 min on speed ups, no extra spin on the wheel and sometimes I have to watch 3 or 4 ads just to get the lottery going.

Can say I’ve encountered more problems since the update but havent encountered a crash as of yet

Yep. 100%$

No but for me that dumb mentor box l minute ad is taking over in every app. Dang it!

I occasionally have the ads crash my app after they complete so I don’t get either the mystery pack or -10 minutes. I also have the problem where the ads just freeze in the beginning so I’m just staring at a black screen or they freeze in the middle of the ad. Waiting long enough fixes it but it is annoying as a 30 second ad turns into a 3 minute wait time.

This works for me because I have ad issues every day.

If you have iOS.

Go to Settings
Reset Advertising Identifier

I’m Android. And sounds like this is a unique enough problem, that I did submit to support. Thank you!