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Adults playing to win. Are there Mums and Dads playing?


Looking for Adults playing to win and enjoying a chat About life in general.
Why? Cause I’d like to win and defeat my Son. I need to keep up and win.
Are there mums and dads here?
Pls join Alliance Adultsdefeatingkiddos
Europe based


My son got me started then quit after I moved higher. :joy: He’s back to PoGo with his friends.


I am an adult, and a dad, and I’m euro based. I have my own alliance though lol. If you wanna friend me, here I am:


@wrothgar & @MagicFingers … this made me think of you :sweat_smile:



In my Alliance there are many players above 30… Me included, but I’m not a dad

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I’m a mom, my stepson got me playing this game. He does’nt play anymore, but I am. My oldest son play it as well. He likes to brag against his friends that I have an I-rex. So I had to show a bunch of 9 year olds my I-rex. :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve been called Daddy on occasion…


By the way, I am 35.


Hmm my Sons still playing and getting closer to beat me

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Not responding…


Over 30 is adulty enough. Im 45. According to my Son i must have met Some of the dino’s in person.


I’m a dad but my sons don’t play this game.


My stepson showed me this game a few months ago and no longer plays. I tried to get my daughter to play but college life is too busy for her. Just dated myself lol!
Awesome mom’s still love to have fun!

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I am already in an alliance but I am 38 and I am italian.
I don’t have kids, but two cats :rofl:
If and when I will change alliance, I think I will join one with Italian language, so that I am more free to speak :slight_smile: Good luck on your alliance!


I’m a mom and I’m pretty sure even my 8mo plays better than I do :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy::joy: I love this!


My wife and I are grandparents, around 60 years old. I’m about 4900 in rank and my wife is about 3200. We enjoy the game (unless the cloak or evade doesn’t work very good).

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I started to play the game sharing the account with my dad as the legal age of playing was 16. (am 13). When I need to study and he has a time for a “dog walk” he plays the game for me, … and he is good with battle “tactics”, always push me for 100 or more point up.
My Mum is always mad seeing my Dad playing the game (he is 52) saying he is childish but I think he’s cool.


Single mom of two, 7 years and 4 years old.

I love the game and devote a good amount of time to it. :blush:

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I’m from the USA and am always looking for adults to have friendly battles with. Not many in my area