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Advance notice suggestion

I see in the news tab on the game we have a tournament this Friday. Epic non-hybrid. Ok, what else? Boosted/non-boosted, locked at lvl 26 or our gaming level? I clicked on it only to be taken to a dead page. Maybe some notice ahead of time to either work on the dinos we want to use or plan which ones are best to use.

The weekly dino event that comes out on Sundays? Why can’t you set that up as a 30 day calendar so players can plan in advance if there is something they really want to hit hard. I know it may sound silly, but there are players who like to schedule their activities in advance, especially during the holidays. Myself am not affected so much by it since I’m forced into retirement via disability, but having a 30 event calendar would give us something to look forward to knowing our favorite dino, Blue or Pryo ect… is coming up on certain days during the month.

Just my two centavos.

Your answer is right there in the image. It says “skill”. That means level 26 with boosts disabled.

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a tournament just for epics? and non-hybrids as well. At least we can try out the 2 new epics. This could end up being really fun. I know 1 for sure and 2 other potential team slots.

back to tho OP: we do get some things in advance. I honestly believe tho, that they don’t know a full 30 day schedule of events in advance. Some of these seem made up on the spot, or at least during the current one. Only ones i don’t think that are for the Holliday ones. Those ones are typically planned ahead of time with player choices.

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Ok thanks, guess I didn’t think about that part of the description. Too bad it wasn’t an unlocked level, going to be whoever is quicker on the draw for speed contests. I never win those. :disappointed: