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Advantage or Skill

This has been an issue every since the inception of tournaments, what is the ‘better’ tournament? I’ve seen many posts regarding this issue, and I personally support Skill Tournaments. It gives people something that Advantage Tournaments don’t usually offer—a fair fighting chance. Sure it becomes more RNG based but is using a level 30 Yoshi with tier 20 Attack and tier 10 speed(saw this Monster during last week’s tournament) ‘skill’ then? I’ve also seen arguments because of ‘mashing buttons’, that’s the game design problem, not the tournament’s fault. Pokémon Go’s battling system literally consists of ‘mashing buttons’ but I don’t see any problem occurring because of that. Sure it’s the player’s choice to play a tournament or not, but the problem is the same people using the same crutches always win. It’s the same story every time. Person uses 142 speed Rex or 152 speed Yoshi with 2552 attack wins if the opponent doesn’t have a bigger whale. That’ll be all from me, what are your points for supporting/opposing Skill/Advantage tournaments? I’m curious to see why some people prefer Advantage tournaments over Skill tournaments.


Neither is better than the other from a mutual stand point. Skill is more fair for all. However, imo boy it gets repetitive. Everyone has the same 8. It starts to become. Did I draw x dino did opponent draw it too?

Like epic hybrid skill tourneys. Did opponent draw proRAT and indom g2 and you didn’t? Uh oh you lose. But epic hybrid is probably the worst scenario of them all in advantage too.

In advantage you will hit a peak of your dinos levels and some boosts. Most heavy boosts are up in the top 50 area. If they’re lower they didn’t play much yet and they’re on the way up.

Epic hybrid is by far the worst because of proRat. But can’t forget common advantage where its lvl 30 miragais with boosts. The thing doesn’t even need boosts against other commons. Rare and epic pure bred should be better ones.


Agreed! Rare advantage and non hybrid Epic advantage tournaments are the more fair ones imo, less whales compared to the Epic hybrid advantage tournaments. Though one thing to correct is the part about Epic Hybrid Skill tournament, it is possible to win when your opponent draws ProRat and Indom Gen 2 when you don’t. I’ve won in such situations, before, so it’s possible.

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The way I see it, if hybrids are allowed, Advantage tournaments are fine as long as Uniques and Legendaries are allowed on top of Epics, to at least give everyone who doesn’t have a maxed boosted Proceratomimus or Entelomoth a fair shot.

Other than that, yeah, I prefer Skill tournaments.


neither is better than the other. I like both. But if i had to pick between skill and whatever mess the last tournament was… i’d pick skill. That was just awful and demoralizing. Hybrid epic advantage tournaments need some tweaks for balancing, among tweaks to all tournaments during championships.


Skill based is fairer but I’d go a step further for weekend tournaments. Rather than just say Rare/Epics I’d make them more specific. Make them theme based whether that means era specific (paeleozoic, Jurassic or cretaceous only), or species only (only Raptors, Pterosaurs, cenozoics, stegasaurs…etc). Skill based but with more creature diversity than we usually see. Make it so both competitive and casual players get a chance.

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I like advantage tournaments. They are like a second arena from an earlier time in the game.

I think they are more prone to distortion due to silly things like Procerat, so they can seem worse. However, I think that’s just the old ‘Epics shouldn’t be Tyrants’ debate which some people don’t seem to think is a problem… (these people are wrong, but not everyone can be right).

TBH, I think what will make either tournament good is if the rarity of the creatures in it are relatively balanced.


Are there also ‘semi-advantage’ tournaments, in the sense that we can use our leveled dinos but without boosts? I think I would like those? :thinking:


Maybe we can have a semi advantage tournament, known as Skilled Advantage tournament. You get every creature available, and you can choose what level they are(with limits, so no teams of full level 30s)and how do you want to boost them(with limits of course). I think that’s more enjoyable since everyone are on equal grounds but at the same time have customised and different teams.

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I’d take speed ties over overboosted monsters anytime…

That’s literally the only inconvenience of the skill tournaments and it doesn’t even bother me that much… and people say it’s more RNG, which isn’t true, you get the same amount of RNG in advantage tournaments, but you get an overboosted Yoshi against you as a bonus… oh I just can’t wait for the day they finally nerf it to the ground… you had your fun messing with us Ludia, but enough is enough

Case in point, advantage tournaments shouldn’t even exist, there is nothing fair about them


skill > advantage. Unless you have max boosted creatures, in which case I can see why you’d like to get free rewards for afk winning against other players who want fun matches. It’s boring to win or lose before the match starts. It’s fun to wonder what your opponent has in the back, and use prediction to actually make big plays. Pretty much never see anything more than basic button clicking in advantage.

Yes, the same things all the time.

Adbantage Tournements could be a lot of fun if it wasn’t for two reasons:

  1. For the use of Boosts

  2. For being epic and legendary so overpowered that they can compete in the normal arena and that they have almost no enemies in their rarity (Yoshi and Indo2 the first on the list but not the only ones)

The common, rare and even non-hybrid epic tournaments can be a lot of fun and would be even more if you couldn’t find yourself a TREX with 135 speed. Of course, a Miragaia (common) of 30 without boosting is very powerful, or an Ornithomimus of 30 (rare) or a diplodocus or a mammoth of 30 (epics) but all of them are beatable even by creatures of much less level. When we have boosts nothing makes sense anymore.


Skill tourneys are better than advantage at this point. Yes it involves RNG, but it’s not to the point where you get swept by a dino overleveled and overboosted rather than have them all at equal level with very little chance of being swept by that dino.
If advantage tourneys didn’t have boosts, the leveling to 30 wouldn’t be so bad overall. I feel sometimes like I waste resources because I can’t get enough boosts to make it great.

It really depends. Both are great tourneys. In general I personally prefer skill tourneys because it would mean everyone would be the same size and would be a fair fight, I can understand why some people like advantage over skill tourneys like for example some apex predator members like IDGT and DrNizam have level 30 creatures (possibly boosted) making it nice and simple for people with high lvls. I would love some Advantage tourneys without boosts because I currently have a 26 Mira and Velo (close to 27) and a 27 trice G2 that I would love to play with but I sometimes can’t because Ludia will just dump a bucket of people who boosted their commons which won’t satisfy me.

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People who already currently love advantage tourneys probably have either 1) max boosted team of all L30s or 2) at least all L30s for those tourneys. That doesn’t really take much skill lol.

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The argument for ‘Advantage is less RNG based’ is also inaccurate. Not as if Advantage has zero RNG. It’s just covered up by the 149 speed Rex and 2552 Attack ProRats.


Skill is boring. Advantage is fine if you dun allow arena ready creatures in. The problem with tournaments in general is no one plays them after the 10 takedowns are done and we are 100 to 200 trophies from high score. Skill can be fun if you get more players to join and then it doesnt become just those who like Skill staying so the rest just getting bullied.

Advantage is fun when you are using dinos that you dun usually use at weird levels. Boosts should be removed since they skew the battle towards whoever is lucky enough to draw their beasts.

Advantage has RNG but it isnt a factor. No one can say didnt deserve to lose when you use a lvl 20 TRex against a lvl 29 Erliko. But losing because you didnt press fast enough or the server decides to spaz out sucks.

I have lost less matches due to RNG in advantage than Skill. That includes all the top level 30 v 30 kind. A missed stun matters less when the plan is to damage not gamble on a stun.

None of them is better unless you can play for several hours. This is why I leave tournaments after 10 takedowns. Independent of the tournament type it always goes this way: One, two -sometimes three- leaps forward and one, two, three leaps back. Almost all progress is lost after loosing one battle.
Feeling of success: No