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Advantage Tournament mimics the arena now

So here we are, almost at the end of the second alliance tournament and what are we seeing in the advantage tournaments?

Disproportionate matchmaking ruining the experience for so many of us. Highly boosted monsters in tournaments running amok, and players either not bothering to try or just getting their ten takedowns and giving it up as soon as they do.

So what I hear you say, well I’ll tell you why I say this. Many of us see the tournament as an opportunity to get away from the toxicity of the arena, and advantage tourneys are simply becoming a mirror image of it!

What can be done?

Maybe have advantage and skill tournaments running alongside each other?

You get the participation and ten takedowns for your alliance whichever you play in, but the prizes are way better for the player in the advantage tourney. Could this be a good idea?


Advantage tourneys can stay, the only thing I would really make a change is have 1 of the advantage tourneys have boosts disabled.


Advantage tourneys completely make sense to be in the game for me even though they are frustrating as anything and the matchmaking can often be terrible. Having higher rewards for advantage over skill, even though it sounds counter intuitive, is a great idea

Advantage tourneys with no boosts would be ideal. It would be like the old arena. Bring back those glory days, please Ludia!


Leave the past alone, we are stuck with this till it gets better

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I’m referring to the tourney

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My suggestions:

  • Better refine the matchmaking in both the Battle Arena and in Advantage Tourneys
  • Have a variety of prizes and mix them up too (such as have stat boosts in Advantage Tourneys and DNAs in Skill Tourneys, etc.)
  • More varieties in both tourneys. One critiscm a poster did note is that some species of dinos are not even enough to build out a full deck of dinos. Easy solution? Combine species, such as theropods and sauropods, or tyrannosaurids and ceratopsians. Point is more variety in both tourneys to not just bore us players with the same exact tourneys just renamed every month.
  • Have trophy system be like this (Note: only in tournaments):
    Win: +25
    Lose: -15
    In this way it atleast gives a player a chance to advance, as oppose to beating a dead horse everytime I participate in these tournaments. If one still cant advance under these suggestions, well thats your fault.

My guess is - the matchmaking is broken and also the trophy rewards are broken (it’s impossible for me with a lvl 22ish team to lose 40 rating against a lvl 30 team, he should have higher rating by far).

If you want the proof the trophy rewards are broken also take a look at alliance rankings…NOBODY qualified for the last incubator, not even ApexPredators!

If alliances like those can’t do it…then what the…something clearly is broken, there’s no arguing there!

In a fair game, the average, but active alliance should be able to get the max incubator, or at least the 2nd to max…it’s damn hard to get 50 active people to play in the tournament for 4 weeks in a row.

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Or just have having boosts reduces trophy earning by 1% so evetually if they use so much they earn only 15 trophies

I have a level 24 procera with major boosts. I’ve only done 9 battles in the tournament bc I hate advantage ones. Guess how many times I drew Procera? Zero. The probability of not drawing a Dino 9 times in a row is… 0.2%. Thanks Ludia. Not that I was going to do anything in this horrid tournament anyways. Haven’t fought in there since the morning, don’t plan on going back in.

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