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Advantage tournaments are so dumb


Like I can’t beat this and it’s literally every game and my high score is 700 the starting amount of points it’s so dumb it rewards players with giant pockets

My team is normal but I face lvl 25 creatures regularly and it’s impossible to beat them like what do I do ludia I need you to tell me bc this is outrageous

I had outrageously bad match ups this weekend. Either I was wiped off the floor or I was match with someone several level lower and wiped them off the floor.

On my one account, I had 4 creatures above level 25’s and then 4 lower 20’s and I could see I was battling others with these awkward teams like this.

Advantage tournaments exist to reward those who have been playing for a long time, or those who grind to build alternative creatures.

Sure it’s a big disadvantage for newer players and those who don’t build any creatures other than their pvp team but why shouldn’t the others have a tournament that gives them a chance to benefit from their hard work or cash spent?


4 battles, 4 wins and 10 takedowns done. That was the extent of this tournament for me.


Same for me on all three accounts @th3g3ntl3m4n , I’m just saying I don’t see a problem with advantage tourneys

Advantage Tournaments = less luck dependent, worse matchmaking
Skill tournaments = more luck dependent, (somewhat) better matchmaking

Nobody wins… :sweat_smile:


At least with skill tournaments, you can climb with determination and obstination.

I honestly prefer Skill Tourneys. Yes, Speed Ties are an issue, but I don’t really mind them that much. I just like them because, well, they do actually feel skillful, at least compared to Advantage Tourneys.

Speaking of which, I just don’t like them much. Most of the time Advantage Tourneys turn out to just be the arena with a couple of restrictions on rarities and such, which gets very annoying after maybe the first two or so times my team has been wiped off the face of the planet by a meteor known as Lvl 27+ fully boosted Sarcorixis.

It’s always a Sarcorixis. Every single time.


…and getting a better team draw than your opponent. But at least your opponents won’t have boosted dinos 11 levels higher than yours.

I guess advantage tournaments are nice once your PvP team is done. Not my case yet but soon I will be able to boost creatures for tournaments.


The difference is basically shuffling around where the RNG is. In skill tournaments the RNG determining yours and your opponents team draws is more impactful. In advantage tournaments, the RNG determining who your opponent is in the first place is more impactful.

Personally I never do this type of tournament I win 1 match and that’s it

In advance tournament, the advantage is on there hand who played way from the begging and now they r the best in the game.

You simply need to wait and improve yourself like them to get the fun of this kind of tournament.


If only the best in the game can get enjoyment from advantage tourneys, is it really fun?

For instance: I’ve been playing since very near the beginning (2018-ish) and am still only at the Aviary stage of the game.

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This is my team, all except one had boosts on it, yet every single opponent I played had boosts on their 24+ team, half of them are actually lv29 or 30. I don’t even get why all of my opponent would be boosting their dumb creatures like slothdeer or the already-nerfed metro and rixis.
As I mentioned above only one creature had boosts on it, and coincidentally, out of the 10 games I played in the tournament, I have only drawn 7 creatures, there’s 1 creature I’ve never drawn, and you can probably guess which one I’m talking about because if its a weak one I wouldn’t be here complaining

There are two issues when Tournaments.

Either you make all the players the same rank - no level difference or boost. Which the old players hate as now they get to face newer players, and might just loose to bad draw luck.

Or Advantage Tournament, with the dinosaurs ran as they have been built. Fun for the older players who can now use they have not been able to touch in a while, as they have been focusing on the PVP team, or other such things. But dreaded by newer players who barely have level 20s

Yes, both have issues. But in order to make both sides happy, sometimes newer players are going to suffer and sometimes the older players that lose because of RNG to a new player.

And i doubt they are going anywhere, anytime soon. Realize, Rare, Epic, and Legendary are still used at least to the Aviary and Library. So seeing them at level 30 is not to uncommon for those higher level players. But for those who are still ‘new’ to this game, you never see them, so never realize they can still be a danger for a long time.

Enjoy what you can. If you don’t like the Tournaments, wait for the next one which will likely be different. And remember most importantly.



Eh. Not too bothered by them. I’ll do my takedowns, and maybe play a few more matches. But they arent really something I enjoy outright. I’ll play skill way more if theres a large variety to play with


Bro the game can’t entire be made for u. And there will be no point of being in the high if u don’t bring any impact in the tournament.

From 2018-ish many ppl r higher then u. And many r now in the top.

I’m well aware that there are people higher than me. My point is: “Is the Tournament actually a good idea if the top players are the only ones who can reliably have fun?”

For newer players, it’s better to play the tournament later in the weekend after the older strong teams have moved up and taken their place way above. I played early in the day Friday so I got matched against both strong and weak teams.

When tournaments start, its like the monthly reset where all the top players are smashed down into one thin range.

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