Advantage tournaments. The worst battle experience ever?

Hello everyone.

I was wondering how the community felt about this prehistoric system of advantage tournaments.

I keep seeing my mates complaining about how unfair the matches are. My proper experience is not much better. There are probably 4 matches out of 5 that are literally absurd, where you crush your opponent 3-0 because of the difference of power of the 2 teams, or lose 0-3 for the exact same reason.
I don’t understand how this can still exist in 2022. ^^’

But maybe the majority is happy with that, i don’t know. What’s your opinion ?


Don’t like them
Basically regular PvP but even more ridiculous


I don’t like em, but don’t think they should be removed. Lots of people invest lots of money into rares and epics.


Advantage tourneys are a pain but also can be fun at some points, its really just comes down to which player is more skilled, what kind of creatures they are using, and just randomness

I don’t like them at all, they are SO unbalance my level 20-15 unboosted team fought a lever 29 boosted argenteryx.

They really need to be more balanced

I love them, by far my favorite part of the game!

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Personally I prefer advantage tournaments over skill. Skill tournaments end up being the same old teams repeated over and over again. Advantage events have much more variety and feel much more enjoyable.


Exactly, word for word, why I love them so much. It’s the best pvp the game has by far in my opinion. Everyone complains that people have 30’s…guess where my 30’s started at…same as everyone else. Arena is a joke, tourney is the end game.

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Because the arena is such a mess there are now so many players who boost and build their teams specifically for tourneys.

This makes it a very unpleasant experience for those of us who don’t do this until we hit the point where we play people like ourselves.

What I don’t like is the fact that we never get to use our arena team in tournaments. This forces us to choose between the two.

one word: PAIN

Well, I can understand those advantage tournaments can be fun “at some point”, for people who have dedicated dinos. After “a few” matches, they face each other, and it’s a good PvP experience for both players, sure.

The problem is, that it concerns a minority of the playerbase, AND in the process, they have to ruin the experience of other players during those “few” matches…

I’m not sure this is very healthy for the game. Tournaments should be fun (or at least fair) for everyone, starting from those who play only 4 matches in the entire weekend.

Main problem for me is that your starting score depends on the arena you are [500-880]. And the matchmaking in tournaments only depends on your current score. Which means, for the first matches, no matter how big the gap between the 2 teams will be, the matchmaking will chose 2 opponents based on their arena score. (?)

So what about bring weight into the equation ? (Current score + weight of the team)

Or change the starting score system (actually arena based) and make it depending on the rank on the previous tournament ?

Or both ?

Or anything else ? ^^’

It works the sane as any other type of gaming tournament. To start with you get mismatched but as better teams win they advance and the matched balance out.

Perhaps don’t partake on day 1 but wait for Saturday and Sunday when those teams have climbed up.

If you have a balanced team to play around, you like these tournaments. If not, you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Tournaments are literally the only reason I’m still playing the game (outside of my alliance of course). All of my coins and resources now go to Tourney teams and I personally love advantage ones.

Aside from the occasional exclusive i dont see any point of trying to win extra dna that can be hunted like with spinotah and utah technically being global rares last adv tourney unless you need to rack up alliance points esp during 2x points. And this is the time for non meta teams to shine unless its a flock tourney

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Advantage over skills,why?
Because in advantages at least you have rarely speeds tie.
And just because of that,i prefer advantages since you can boost your speed to hell.

I like them; I get to use and invest in dinos I otherwise never would. However, I wish boosts were 100% NOT a part of tournaments. Only people who spend a lot of money have an advantage of being able to sacrifice boosts on tourney only dinos. Happy to fight their level 30 t-rex but boosted to heck? Ugh

I use a lot boosted epics,legendarys and rates in advantage torments which I wownt touch,uniques especially because I have some unqiues max boosted

The reason players hate it is the same reason other players love it.

It gives us a reason to dart creatures. If everything was default 26 what would be the point in darting and leveling up?

Advantage tournament can be alot of fun and it makes sense business wise (boost sales and buck sales go up)

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Worse than pvp at least there apexes can carry me to Victory