Advantage Unique tournaments are very unnecessary

I know this happens just occasionally, but for most of us there ain’t much difference between this tourney and just playing in the arena. The apexes are out but still, aaalways the same creatures, aaalways the same repeated swap in damage… The whole point of having tournaments should be to give us a different experience from that mess of a metagame, which I like to call the “RNG-sucker punch game”… Tournaments are the best thing in this game for me and many others (some would say the only good thing nowadays…). Please don’t ruin it. You were doing well with those new restriction rules. Give us more of that.


I had to find replacements for 3 of the Apex’s I was using on my regular PvP team. Having just leveled up Albertocevia to team level and trying it out in the tournament, it will be replacing Ceramagnus. It deals out more damage on swap in and the revenge moves are far better. I see why all the top players are running it. Might as well use it before it gets nerf’d to the ground.


100% this!

I think they have Unique advantage tourneys have their time and place. After all, many people invest mainly in uniques, and it’s only fair that they get to showcase them every once in a while.


I would like to know what happened to the matchmaking? In this tournament I am either getting clobbered or doing the clobbering of lower level creatures with no chance to increase my score even a little bit.

Might as well just get the 10 and call it a weekend and find something else to do.

all of my matches have just been this…

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Advantage Tournaments like this, maybe. But when there’s Legendary and Epics. That’s necessary.

True,love to see my lvl 28 concavenator cleaning up compys and pigeons :rofl:

Yeah, but we can already use those Uniques on the arena… except for the top players who have a bunch of boosted uniques benched…

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