Adventure mode group for hidden forge and further?

I used fighter cleric warlock wizard up until now but after hidden forge it doesn’t seem viable anymore. Besides the wizard it’s getting tough to beat tough enemies with the low dps of the other characters. What group do you guys use?

I switch up a bot as I go. Sometimes depends on what I’m facing. Disarm, freeze and dominate come in handy.

Currently using bard fighter cleric wizard.

The bard gives you secondary healing, and his dominate ability is awesome.

Switch him in for the witch.

That’s the party I’ve used currently up to level 11 (about 3.5 months), have VIP but don’t do much extra purchases. (Just the first 2x legendary pack they did before, which I expected I was getting 2x2 but only got 2 :frowning: )

I actually got a d20 for the first time ever last night on harvestshield mountain challenge.

I’m an stuck on campaign in heartcoil deep, so I’ve been trying to grind up there. May consider the witch there for a longer immobilize, but only specific because of the enemies that attack double for their first 3 turns.

Good luck.