Advice for a Lvl 13/14 player?

Level 13 player about to go to Level 14.

Here are my eight best Dinos:

Indominus Lvl 18
Gorgosuchus Lvl 18
Stegodeus Lvl 20
Monolometrodon Lvl 18
Paramoloch Lvl 17
Tragodistis Lvl 17
Monostegotops Lvl 17
Suchotator Lvl 18

Which ones should I focus on leveling up? Which ones am I egregiously missing from my arsenal? What new dinos should I be looking to acquire in the future?

Increasing any one of those helps your team.

Might suggest gathering DNA and not leveling for a week or so until the new release comes out. It may help future decisions.

Or focus on fuses to get to level 15 and beyond. Each level gives you an extra DNA per dart max and more coins


Get Irex to 20 prepping for indoraptor and yes collect many DNA and coins

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Thanks for the advice. I know Indoraptor is a big one and I am already stockpiling as much Velociraptor DNA as I can in preparation.

besides how much dna you can collect, level doesnt really matter. just hubt as much as you can in the right zones and feed your team very often. make it a goal to level atleast one a day. keep the team levels balanced and you should find success.

of course focus on Manolo.

Hit em hard, and hit em often. Prepare to be disappointed with your Indoraptor lol

Some general advices :

  • try to plan in the long term. Try to level up dino with an hybrid (for example the indominus to prepare indoraptor/erli) as it’s not a waste of resources.
  • short term rewards (ie overleveling a common) can be good only if you have the DNA to do it and a steady coins income
  • When there is no tournament around and an update incoming, stop fusing. You can still do materials for unique (like bringing indominus level 20 or unlocking a dino) but otherwise level up could be disastreous. Instead just gather DNA ready to spend once the new meta will come.

Advice on your team :

  • Your team is lacking of speed. While it can be a strategy, your team is not well suited to take advantage of this. There are 34 dinos faster than your fastest dino. That’s a lot ! It means there are a lot of matchup where you will take the first hit.

Good luck !

How? It can take weeks just to level one… Please let me in on your secret!

the secret is that exact quote.

Thanks for all the advice, folks