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Advice for a new player with Tyrko


I have started playing 2/3 week ago. During the st. patrick event I managed to get Tyrko (a lot of retries) at level 9(now i am close to lvl 10). Before event i was around 1900-2100 trophy range. Now I am at 2700-2800. If i get tyrko in arena, 99% win rate, if not it is hard to win against higher tier and level dinos. I am usually facing opponents with 16-20 lvl legendaries like indominus rex , allosinosaurus and utasiraptor. Or high level miragai and other normal dinosaurs.

I need some advice on my team. Which dinos should I focus? I am living in L2 i guess(lots of dracorex gen2). I also dart some sucho when i am at the university. I am trying to get dracoceratops 90/200, allosinosaurus 100/200 and indominus rex 160/200.

I also need at least a tank. I am thinking tragodistis, stagodeus or monostegotops. I don’t know which one is better. I can collect ingredients of tragodistis they spawn at my university. However, I cant get much stegosaurus.I got some from this weeks event. It would be better to focus on either stagodeus or monostegotops. Which one should I focus? Should I try to get one of them and tragodistis or one out of three is enough?

Any other advice on my current team and suggestion about which dinos should I focus is welcome.

Sorry for my bad grammer , not a native.

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If you want a tank, Tragodistis or Monostegotops are a better bet than Stegodeus at this point. If you have easy access to Tragodistis material focus on that one. Levels are important, Monostegotops is my favorite one but it will do you no good to have one stalled at level 16 or 17 unable to find Stegosaurus if you could have Tragodistis up to L20 or something.


One tank enough?


Yes at this point tanks have lost a lot of their mojo. Big time chompers like Alosino, Thor and Tenotorex have been introduced into the game also bleeders are hard on Tanks. Working on getting Indom, Alosino and Dracoceratops unlocked and to 20 are all good goals. Try and get some speed too or a swap in dino on your team. Eventually you will want Dilouranosaurus, Utasinoraptor unlocked and start working them to 20 as well.

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Monostegotops isn’t really a ‘tank’ in my opinion his health is only slightly above average. The tryko is a good tank. I have a level 21 tragodist and he’s good, however the stegodeus at the same level has over 1000HP more. Stegodeus also has thagomizer which is the perfect move to set up your chomper. He also hits pretty hard and he’s easy to make.


. If i get tyrko in arena, 99% win rate, if not it is hard to win against higher tier and level dinos.

Not really much you can do about it. Players at your level usually don’t have uniques on their team :smiley:

Maybe drop it until your team is a bit stronger, otherwise you will be too depended of it to win, since you are probably playing a bit above the range where you would usually be.

Keep going, either Trago or Stego, both are rather easy to create and to level up.

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Currently the best out of three mentioned tanks is Monostego. Problem is that you need to lvl it up to at least lvl 20 to make the difference.

Personally don’t like Trago as it has really low health for a tank. Any chomper can oneshot it. However in some matchups Trago is great. Is great counter to Utasino with invincibility.

Stegodeus is far from former glory, but it’s hp and Thagomizer makes the difference comparing to Trago.

As you have Tryko, one more tank should be enough.

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Tanks are not really meant to counter chompers… Trago makes up for its lower health by outspeeding most chompers, has a counterattack and is able to stun on turn two, which can increase survivability… Overall, as things stand today, Trago is superior to Stegod and is much easier to create and level, ever since Stegosaurus has been sentenced to park obscurity… To make a long story short, Trago is an excellent counter for the likes of I-Rex, Green Chicken, Phantom Chicken (Erlidom), Utarinex, etc.

Regarding the OP’s post, all I have to say is that they are experiencing the fallout of the St. Patrick’s week events… They were effortlessly given a unique, which clearly isn’t commensurate with their level or current arena, hence they win when Tryko is on the starting team and lose when it isn’t… There isn’t very much that can be done to change this, except grind to improve other team members and battle frequently to improve your skills, like the rest of us had to do…

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I know that tanks don’t counter chompers, but Stegodeus can at least survive on hit.

I still like Stegodeus more than Trago just because of Thagomizer. Both mine are benched now. Tryko took the spot of Stegodeus (lvl 24), while Trago (lvl 20) is benched much longer. It’s still easier for me to lvl up Stegodeus as I live near park and in L3. I’m rarely in L4, most Para DNA comes from incubators.

Of course in Stegodeus vs Monostego situation it’s better to focus on one of them, cause both require Stego.

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