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Advice for best team at this point


Lately I’m struggling with my team setup. Have made for now all legendary and unique which were possible. I use the team as shown in the screenshot but the feeling that it can be better but little bit lost now.
A: what would you recommend at this point?
B: on which I best focus now? Thanks all for the advices.


i think you have too many dino’s that rely on RNG to be good. i would get rid of the chook lol


Ok ok. Makes sense. It’s indeed risky. But for example the cloak doubler is pretty nice even though its dodge won’t work often.
And he is soooo ugly. Agreed. What you recommend in this case?
Replace with Para? And which rng based Dino must leave? Or our chook out is enough?


get rid of the chook. the indo’s are fine. cant say what to replace with as not sure what else you have


The whole list. Yes. Shame on me.


alany or trag. im partial to megalo but it depends how u use him


I changed for mega. Before i used him with pleasure. Trago was another nobrainer before i got indoraptor. But the raw pwr won it for me.

Tnx so far for your useful input. Any other advices still welcome. Always open for suggestions.


I would get rid of draco rex g2… if you make his legendary that fine but a level 14 dg2 doesnt do to much damage


And replace Draco with Trago or alany?


Trago be my pick


Thanks also. For now my team is as screenshot I ad. Only first trials shown one lag. Defense shattering lag. In worst case scenario I won’t have a chance against invisible shield.


Up: i have evolved different ones now. But keep struggle and even seem to go down instead of going up. What’s best setup with this improved dinos? Or keep it this way?


That team looks decent, and about as good as you can get. You might enjoy levelling up Tryostronix for some big chomping immunity, and possibly replace the Trago with it if the situation requires it. Hopefully you are getting a decent supply of Sino from the alliance missions, so you can level up Utahsino. Don’t swap her out, even if she remains slightly below team level. Her and Monosteg are probably your strongest dinos

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Tnx for your reply. And ok. Will keep an eye on him. I have 10 DNA left before i have spino. Which one I pull out? I was thinking about sucho. Bleeder for better Bleeder or do I see wrong? :slight_smile:


Team looks much improved. Just keep working in levelling them up. Tryo and suchotator are useful regardless what with strike towers etc. :+1:t2:


I didn’t even notice your uncreated dinos, yeah Spinotah is very powerful and normally moves first. Sucho is worth keeping on the bench as you can beat some epic strike towers with it as Ryan says. How close were you to creating Erlidominus?!


So when spino is there it will get the trago spot i guess.

And don’t ask about unique erliko. Can cry out loud. Needed 23 DNA :’(