Advice for campaign 77 stages

Hi guys, I’m stuck at 77 with some dinos to grown to 28 minimum requirements for do the battle. I want to ask u guys , which dinos are better for the that battle and why ? I need to defeat magna + uta+ smilo and tryko all boosted (8/8/8) thanks for your advice i appreciate it.

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Wrong place :sweat_smile:

Its the JWA forum right ? I thought it was Battle Stage 77 until I read this

Can I see your JWA team ? I might be able to help

I just did a quick battle but you may just need a stronger team with more boosts. I know when I was stuck, I’d level up a few more times and try again. Try to memorize which dinos come out when, then try to put in a counter against them. Ideally, if you have cunnings, you’ll want them to be faster than magna and Utah. Keep pushing and you’ll finish it finally. The last battle in section 9 is a headache

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I remember doing it with lvl 27 apexes…

Oh btw welcome to the forums ! @Andres_Mau